When Will WWE's Alexa Bliss Return To The Ring? Here's The Latest

Alexa Bliss in the WWE
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The WWE’s Royal Rumble had a lot of surprises (and fire-related drama), but there was one surprise some might’ve expected to happen that didn’t. Alexa Bliss, who’s appearing on Monday Night Raw via scripted segments, did not return during the pay-per-view event as a surprise entrant. She’s since continued to appear in scripted segments, though, which may have some wondering when she’ll eventually return to the ring.

Now, there's been a reported update on that front, which comes to us via Fightful Select. According to the report, Alexa Bliss (who took a chunk of time off following her loss to Charlotte Flair in 2021) filmed nine segments for the WWE in which she sat in therapy as a psychiatrist attempted to “cure” her of her former persona. The segments see Alexa reckoning with her creepy doll, Lilly, and other things, but they haven’t really progressed too far in terms of story. This report alleges that fans have seen two of those segments, so it’s possible she’ll return following the airing of the next seven. 

Of course, there’s a possibility some of the segments won't be aired or that multiple air on one night. Essentially, it's unclear when they might see the light of day, though Fightful Select confirmed this was the long-term plan for the wrestling staple. That is to say, it wasn’t expected that she’d return and compete in the Royal Rumble, which is believable considering the event centered around Ronda Rousey’s return and win. 

Alexa Bliss’ return is something the wrestling fandom is watching, as she’s consistently been considered one of the top women wrestlers in the WWE. Even her latest supernatural persona was a hit supposedly, though its ties to released superstar Bray Wyatt made the gimmick seemingly directionless. That’s likely the reason for the league wanting to switch things up and create skits in which she abandons the persona

In its place, the WWE reportedly plans to return Alexa Bliss to her Goddess persona. It’s believed this will be the same persona she adapted during her dominant championship runs. Bliss holds the distinction of possessing multiple WWE belts in her career thus far and is the second-ever women’s Triple Crown champion. 

Given her accolades and popularity, I’d assume the WWE wants to bring her back into the ring sometime before WrestleMania 38. With less than two months to go before the big event, one has to think the WWE has the time to make that happen. The is the question, however, of where she’d fit into the program, as at least one major women’s match for the event is already confirmed. I suppose she could inject herself into a feud between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, which would be an incredible match. Of course, it’s impossible to say whether or not it’ll actually happen, especially considering how quickly plans can change in the WWE. 

Catch Alexa Bliss’ therapy sessions on Monday Night Raw, which airs over on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Of course, one can catch up on a lot of previous wrestling events with a Peacock premium subscription, which is something all wrestling fans should have.

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