SNL Alums Andy Samberg And Maya Rudolph Reveal The Funny (And Relatable) Way They Bonded On The Show

Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph on Peacock's Baking It
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Saturday Night Live hasn’t only birthed the careers of multiple comedy stars but some amazing friendships as well. There was Chris Farley and David Spade. There’s Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. And then, you have the thriving sisterhood of the SNL ladies, including Maya Rudolph. But of course, Rudolph holds friendships with other members of the sketch show, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine alum Andy Samberg. And as it turns out, their decades-long friendship was seemingly solidified by the funny (and relatable) way they used to bond on the show.

The friendship between the SNL alums, which was formed in the 2000s, is still going strong as evidenced by their hosting gig on Peacock’s Baking It. Considering how firm their relationship is, it's hard to believe that they were only castmates for two seasons before Maya Rudolph departed the show in 2007. But that didn’t stop them from connecting over an unbelievably delicious act, as Rudolph revealed during their joint interview with ET Online:

Little known fact: Andy and I were actually eating buddies at SNL. We were! We were self-proclaimed eating buddies. We ate a lot of food together, so we're kind of back where we started.

There’s nothing like food to bring castmates together. With this new information, their gigs on Baking It make much more sense. Unfortunately, the actress didn’t break down what food the two stars indulged in. But Andy Samberg did shed a little more light on what exactly went down during their eating sessions:

We would eat together and we would just straight up dish. And there was some dishing during the downtime on Baking It, I'll tell you that!

So it would appear that as food was being eaten, tea was also being spilled. Well, there’s nothing better than trading some salacious news over some tasty food, right? Of course, now we're left with another question -- what backstage secrets were the two co-stars trading? We'll probably never know, but it's cool that the two stars kept the tradition alive while filming Baking It.

While Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg might seem like odd choices to host a baking competition, it was actually another SNL alum that sweetened the deal. Making It’s Amy Poehler sold Rudolph on the competitive bake-off by saying the show would be “fun” and  “a joy” with a friend. So viewers are in for a fun time as Rudolph and Samberg’s rapport plays out.

The Making It spinoff was announced in August, with the two comedy veterans attached as the hosts. Viewers get to see eight baking teams compete against each other under the watchful eyes of the two Saturday Night Live alums and even some real-life grandmothers. So if you want to see some delicious-looking creations and want to find out who clenches the W at the end of the competition, you can check out Baking It by streaming on Peacock now.

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