So You Think You Can Dance Adds Leah Remini To Replace Fired Judge Matthew Morrison In 'Milestone' Episode

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So You Think You Can Dance finally returned after a break of nearly three years earlier in the spring, but controversy soon overshadowed Season 17 when judge (and former Glee star) Matthew Morrison was fired. Rumors circulated about why he lost his job on the show, and he eventually responded to the allegations, but there was still no news about who would replace him on the panel with JoJo Siwa and tWitch… until now. Actress Leah Remini will be the third judge on SYTYCD following Morrison’s departure, and she arrives in a milestone episode. 

Leah Remini is likely best known for her acting work on shows like The King of Queens and her willingness to speak out about her experiences with Scientology, but she has also served as a guest judge on another dancing show. Reactions were mixed to her appearances on Dancing with the Stars, but she does come to SYTYCD with some dance TV show experience. She debuts in the next episode, on June 15, which also happens to be the milestone 300th episode. Few shows are successful enough to hit 300 episodes, and Remini said this about joining SYTYCD:

I am thrilled to join So You Think You Can Dance on its milestone 300th episode. I look forward to guiding these incredibly talented artists through this competition as a fan of the show and a great admirer of dancers. I can't wait to see the artistry that the contestants bring to the stage!

Although Season 17 is hitting that 300 episode milestone, it has been a season featuring a lot of changes, including on the judges’ panel. Stephen "tWitch” Boss was the only returning judge on the panel (and already responded to fan complaints about the new season), with JoJo Siwa (who dropped a truth bomb of her own before making a prediction about who will win) and Matthew Morrison as newcomers. Morrison lasted less than a full season. 

With the news that Leah Remini will debut as the new judge on June 15, it seems that fans have already seen the last of Morrison on SYTYCD despite the show not acknowledging an upcoming departure in the most recent episode on June 8. The judges were about to finalize the Top 12 at the end of the latest episode; it should be interesting to see if and how Morrison’s absence is addressed with Remini’s arrival. 

As for what else to expect from the 300th episode, it will introduce the Top 12 as well as celebrate the legacy of SYTYCD, which originally debuted back in 2005. It’s not clear just yet how much the show will focus on legacy and how much will focus on the Season 17 dancers, but it should be must-see TV for any longtime fan of So You Think You Can Dance. As for how well Leah Remini will fit in with JoJo Siwa and tWitch as a judge of the show… well, only time and new episodes will tell. 

See Leah Remini’s debut on So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday, June 15 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. You can revisit the earlier episodes of Season 17 so far streaming with a Hulu subscription, and check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule for some more upcoming viewing options.

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