So You Think You Can Dance's JoJo Siwa Already Picked Who She Thinks Will Win Season 17, But Will She Be Right?

JoJo Siwa as So You Think You Can Dance judge
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Spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of So You Think You Can Dance Season 17.

The stakes are higher than ever in Season 17 of So You Think You Can Dance after the choreography round of competition, where the group of dancers had one day and limited chances to prove to judges tWitch, Matthew Morrison, and JoJo Siwa that they deserve to be part of the Top 12 who will continue on. The episode ended before the reveal of those lucky twelve who impressed the judges enough to keep dancing, but the final minutes featured Siwa deciding on who she thinks will win based on how they've performed so far. But will she be right?

Well, the episode didn’t actually show who JoJo Siwa picked, but simply showed her pointing at the picture of whoever it is in the lineup of the Top 12. After tWitch noted that “the winner of the season is in this twelve right here,” Matthew Morrison asked if he wanted to pick, and both men laughed before Siwa said:

Actually, I do want to pick. [points at photo] That’s my vote as of right now.

Her fellow judges clearly found her pick interesting, but nobody dropped the name or showed the identity of JoJo Siwa’s prediction. She did seem to point at a photo on the end of the lineup that featured the female dancers, but it’s possible that the pictures were rearranged at some point. There’s really no saying at this point who she has decided has the best shot at winning, based on the performances so far. 

So how can we gauge whether or not she’ll be correct? JoJo Siwa more or less answered that question herself recently, in response to viewers who questioned whether or not she was even qualified to serve as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance following a recent episode (which you can find streaming with a Hulu subscription). On Twitter, the 19-year-old performer and judge wrote: 

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Viewers who know her more from YouTube and/or her appearances on The Masked Singer and Dancing with the Stars (where she made history even though she didn’t win) may not have been aware of her long history of dance, but Dance Moms fans certainly did! Although she became more famous thanks to YouTube in later years, her break into the entertainment industry came via two seasons of the Lifetime series, working with the divisive Abby Lee Miller

Whether or not her pick for the winner of SYTYCD truly emerges on top (and whether or not fans ever find out who she thought was worthy of the win as of the choreography round) remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that she has a strong background in dance. tWitch and Matthew Morrison certainly take her seriously as a fellow judge. 

Of course, Matthew Morrison’s time as a judge on SYTYCD ended early, although fans haven’t yet seen him depart. He was fired from the show not too long after the long-awaited Season 17 premiere, then later opened up to address the allegations about what led to his departure from the dance competition show. He had already pre-taped a number of episodes, so it could be some time before fans get any news of who will replace him at the judges’ table alongside JoJo Siwa and tWitch.

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