Star Trek: Enterprise’s Cast Shares Their Real Thoughts On The Show’s Controversial Theme Song

Star Trek has a lot of shows that look to tell the story of the future with a different twist on Gene Roddenberry's original series vision, but few are as different as the Scott Bakula-led series Enterprise (available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription). The series is without a doubt one of the most unique entries in the franchise and one that irked fans in a few ways (lest we forget the series finale). Most notably, the series broke from the franchise’s tradition of orchestral theme songs and went with something a bit more controversial. Now, years after its end, the cast is getting real about their thoughts on the theme that caused such a stir amongst fans.  

Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, and Connor Trinneer were all at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, and ready to talk about all things related to Enterprise. All three came ready to talk about the show, the good and bad, and Keating really leaped out of the gate with his thoughts on the theme song. The song, “Where My Heart Will Take Me,” is a reworked cover of Rod Stewart’s “Faith Of The Heart” and not the kind of traditional epic orchestral theme that Star Trek is known for. It faced a lot of scrutiny in the fandom. Keating didn’t hold back on his opinion, which he formed during a recent watch of the show.

I got to say when they suddenly introduced the tambourine and the upbeat version of that song in Season 3? I gotta say that is some goofy shit. I’m watching the show now, I’m on Season 3 and I have to–I can’t even listen to it. I can’t tell you, it is, it’s naff. The original song I didn’t mind at all! I thought it was rather beautiful.

Dominic Keating disliked the Season 3 theme so much that he couldn’t bear to sit through it during his Star Trek: Enterprise sessions, but he’s fine with the original version. That’s not entirely surprising to hear, especially since the song itself is a rendition of a Rod Stewart classic. 

The issue fans had was that the song didn’t gel with previous Star Trek themes, and as such, wasn’t Trek. Anthony Montgomery has strong words for anyone who wants to make that point, though, and after sharing his thoughts, dropped some knowledge during the panel not all Trek fans might know about.

I thought it was fantastic and it fits our series. For what our show is and what our show represents in the franchise, I thought it was a perfect song. For all those people who were so against it and, ‘They don’t have lyrics in Star Trek,’ yes they did. They had lyrics in the original series but they took the lyrics out. So, everybody that bitches about it, do your research! I’m not even a Trekkie and I know that.

Anthony Montgomery might not be a diehard Star Trek fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise, but he dropped a nugget of information that any Enterprise lover of “Where My Heart Will Take Me” can use the next time they’re defending the show (though someone may counter that it nearly drove Jeffrey Dean Morgan away from acting). Of course, the lyrics aren’t the only complaint about the theme, as evidenced by Keating’s mention of the tambourine in Season 3. 

Dominic Keating and Anthony Montgomery had a lot to say on the matter, but Connor Trinneer didn’t have a ton to add when sharing his opinion. Trinneer shared his thoughts about when he first heard the theme, and what he said after.

I think I heard it for the first time and said, ‘That’s a song. That right there was a song.’

Connor Trineer’s response seemingly indicated that the theme just wasn’t something he particularly cared for, or one he suspected wouldn’t be well-received by the fandom. He didn’t go much more in-depth with his response, but when Dominic Keating and Anthony Montgomery said so much, it’s not like he needed to. It’s good to see such a wide variety of opinions all the same, and that the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise can share their real thoughts on these things and keep some good humor about it. Perhaps it’ll inspire more folks to give the series a shot despite past complaints and make those rumors about former cast members appearing in new shows a reality. 

Star Trek: Enterprise is available to stream on Paramount+. Anyone interested in watching can experience the theme song for themselves... or use that handy skip feature to barrel right on past it into episodes. Of course, they can also catch one of the many other Star Trek shows coming in 2022, of which there are many. 

Mick Joest
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