Succession Season 4: 7 Quick Things We Know About The HBO Series

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When it comes to some of the most popular HBO shows that are on right now, there are several that probably come to mind, from the fantastic world of House of the Dragon, which is cementing itself as one of the best fantasy shows, or maybe the ever-popular teen drama, Euphoria, but one that I always love to talk about is Succession. 

The show, which has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy awards and won the 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Drama series, has been going strong for three seasons so far, and is about to enter its fourth installment. But, who is going to be starring in this new season? And what could it be about? For everything you are wondering when it comes to Succession Season 4, here are six quick things we know about the HBO hit. 


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Succession Season 4 Will Release In Spring 2023

Season 4 of Succession will unfortunately not be on any 2022 television schedule, which is about expected, but thankfully, fans of the show will not need to wait long for it to return. According to Deadline, the series is set to come back sometime in Spring 2023. 

When exactly that is, we don’t know for sure yet. It could be early Spring 2023, like March, or late, like the end of May, but regardless, the show is coming back next year, and boy are we excited to see what happens next. 

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The Main Cast Is All Returning 

With a show like Succession, it would be pretty surprising if the same cast didn’t come back for the fourth season, and thankfully, it seems that all of them are returning for a fourth round of craziness.  

According to the press release that announced Succession Season 4 was happening, several of the main cast members are set to return, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Alan Ruck, Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, David Rasche, J. Smith-Cameron, Peter Friedman, Matthew Macfadyen, Fisher Stevens, Hiam Abbass, Justine Lupe, Scott Nicholson, Jeannie Berlinand, and Zoë Winters. 

Talk about a full line-up for Season 4! But, at this point, I would expect nothing else, as these cast members constantly deliver with their characters. 

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Season 4 Will See The Roy Kids Attempting To Stop The Sell Of Waystar 

For those who don’t recall the very end of Succession Season 3, it was a very unforgettable season finale. We saw Logan and Roman meet with Lukas Matsson (played by the lovely Alexander Skarsgård) to talk about his plan for GoJo to buy Waystar RoyCo, and how even though they don’t want their father to go through with the deal, he is dead-set on making it happen. 

The Season 4 arc is going to play right into this, basically starting an all-out rebellion of the kids against their father. According to the logline, there will be ten episodes, and feature the Roy children in a battle to stop their family company from being sold to Matsson, causing issues and anxiety among the family, making the divides that have already formed that much greater. 

It’s going to be an intense ten episodes. For the finale of Season 3, the cast actually did an interview with Entertainment Tonight, talking about how this decision impacts the family, and how it’s going to play out throughout Season 4. J. Smith Cameron commented on the situation, saying how scary it was now for everyone: 

It’s pretty terrifying. The gloves are off now. Like, this is full-on world war.

Brian Cox, who portrays the patriarch, Logan Roy, praised the ending, saying that it was a brilliant way to end the season: 

It is an astonishing ending. And it shows where the power lies in the family -- and it’s not necessarily where you think it lies either. So, that’s the great thing about the ending.

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Look, I grew up right around the corner from New York City, I know that it is a fantastic place for shows to take place. Some of my favorite TV shows have happened in this city, including Succession. But the show could use a little bit of a change in scenery from time to time. 

Thankfully, Season 4 is going to be switching it up a bit, and featuring a place you would never expect – Norway. 

According to producer Scott Ferguson, who did an interview with Variety, it’s confirmed that Norway is going to be featured in Season 4, thanks to the addition of Alexander Skarsgård’s character, and how he is going to fit into the plot of Succession as a whole:

We were really excited when Alexander came onboard — he’s a wonderful actor. And from the beginning, [showrunner Jesse Armstrong’s] idea was that the tech company was going to be led by someone from a Scandinavian country. In the writer’s room, around February, Jesse had an idea for an episode they wanted to be in Matsson’s part of the world.

So, that means that the Roy’s are literally going to be traveling all the way across the world, which sounds super exciting. Ferguson continued to say that once they saw the pictures of the landscape of the country, they got really “excited” about it:

When we saw images of the remarkable architecture and setting of Juvet we got really excited. Norway is a glorious, natural setting. It immediately seemed like a perfect place for a family gathering in the series. We studied different countries, but we realized Norway just has this exceptional landscape — like nowhere else in the world.

I mean, is anyone else as excited as I am? Because this is about to be awesome. 

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Season 4 Is Going To “Feel Different,” According To Kieran Culkin

While this doesn’t really give a lot away for fans of the show, Kieran Culkin – who plays Roman Roy in Succession – talked about how the show is going to “feel different” in Season 4 in comparison to the other seasons of the show. 

In an interview with Deadline during the 20 Questions: On Deadline podcast, (opens in new tab) Culkin talked about what it was like to be back on set filming while they were in production, and how as time went on, he felt as if the show “felt different” than how it did when he first started to film: 

Shooting is going well. I think it’s actually going quite well. It’s awesome because I’m also just like a fan of the show, so when the scripts come in I just get excited, like what’s going to happen. And it’s great, because the first episode we got, it felt like, ‘ah this is the show again.’ It’s like we’re back. And then in the next couple it just feels like ‘oh it actually kind of feels different.’ Which is great. It’s like it’s a great different. It’s like not resting on its laurels or whatever. It’s still very much the show, but it feels like it’s going in a direction that I did not anticipate.

I genuinely don’t know how to feel about that, but mark me down as both scared and excited because I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

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Filming Began Back In June 2022

While I’m not entirely sure if filming has wrapped on the show yet, we do know that Succession began filming in June 2022. On the official Instagram page for the show, they posted a picture that let fans know that they were indeed back on set filming. 

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Whether that means it’s done now or they still have some shots to get in, I’m not sure, but it’s always nice to have a sense of when your favorite show starts filming.

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You Can Watch The Teaser Trailer Now

For those who don’t know, a teaser trailer was released for fans to see during the House of the Dragon Season 1 finale, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out below: 

What are you the most excited for when it comes to Succession Season 4? I know that we all want it to come sooner rather than later, but we must be patient – 2023 will be here soon enough. 

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