Tales Of The Walking Dead: 6 Quick Things We Know About The Upcoming Anthology Series

The zombies in The Walking Dead.
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Did you hear that? It’s the sound of yet another spinoff to the popular AMC series, The Walking Dead getting the greenlight. 

First, several years ago, it was Fear the Walking Dead. Next, it was The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Not that long after, it was announced that Daryl and Carol would be getting their own spinoff series - what it’s called, we don’t know yet. And, to top it all off, Isle of the Dead, featuring Maggie and Negan of all people, was announced as well. 

They just can’t seem to let this series die, huh? (Pun intended!) 

However, Tales of the Walking Dead is a new series that is looking to add a little bit of flair to the Walking Dead world. From new cast members to new stories and a whole new method of storytelling, this show has some interesting things that you, as a fan, might be intrigued about. Here are six things about this upcoming new show that you should know. 

Walkers in The Walking Dead.

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Tales Of The Walking Dead Will Premiere In Summer 2022

If you’re looking to get your zombie fix sooner than the last part of Season 11 of The Walking Dead, look no further than Tales of the Walking Dead, which is actually going to be premiering in summer of 2022, on both AMC as well as their streaming platform, AMC+. 

That’s right, this new series will be a part of the 2022 TV premiere schedule, so keep an eye out for an exact premiere date for this one. 

The walkers in The Walking Dead.

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Tales Of The Walking Dead Will Be An Anthology Series 

For those who are wondering what Tales of the Walking Dead will be about, it’s actually going to be an anthology series. 

If you don’t know what that means, an anthology show normally follows completely different storylines with completely new characters, either in every episode or every season. There are tons of fantastic anthology shows out there, including favorites of mine like American Horror Story, Fargo, and more, but this is the first time that The Walking Dead world will be using that device. 

For someone like me, who has watched the original show since the beginning, it’s fun to see that they’re doing this new format. The Walking Dead has always had a very linear storyline without much deviation, so I’m eager to see all these different storylines with different characters. 

The first zombie girl in The Walking Dead.

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Tales Of The Walking Dead Will Have Six Episodes

If you were looking for this series to be long, unfortunately, your wish will not be granted. It’s been confirmed that Tales of the Walking Dead will only have six episodes. 

While that doesn't sound like a lot now, in the initial announcement of the show, it was confirmed that the six episodes were part of an initial first season - which means if all goes well, the show could get renewed for Season 2 and we might get more episodes. However, let’s just see how Season 1 pans out first. 

The crew in The Walking Dead.

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The Stories Will Take Place Within The Walking Dead Universe

If you were thinking that these stories might involve some of the characters that we all know and love, you just might get lucky, as Tales of the Walking Dead looks like it’ll maybe feature some already established characters that we enjoy. From one of the press announcements, it was confirmed that these six, different stories were going to take place in the Walking Dead universe, and focus on both new and established characters. 

Now, just because it says it features established characters as well, I wouldn’t get your hopes up that you’re going to get more badass Daryl moments from Tales of the Walking Dead or anything like that. But, the idea that this show will feature both new and established characters does intrigue me, so maybe we might get to see some new stories for characters that we're already familiar with. 

Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, and Jillian Bell, who will be in Tales of The Walking Dead.

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Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Jillian Bell, And More Will Star

With Tales of the Walking Dead featuring plenty of new characters with ones we already know, there’s bound to be a new cast. And, several announcements have come out with cast members that all of you might recognize. 

Some of the actors joining are Terry Crews (known for his role in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast), Anthony Edwards (from the Inventing Anna cast) Jillian Bell (Workaholics), Olivia Munn (The Newsroom), Danny Ramierz (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cast), Jesse T. Usher (from The Boys), Parker Posey (Lost in Space), Poppy Liu (Hacks), and many more. 

If you were looking for new characters, you surely are going to get them in Tales of the Walking Dead. And, I am eager to meet each and every one of them. 

Rick Grimes standing outside in Alexandria on The Walking Dead

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Scott M. Gimple Will Work As Executive Producer 

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you probably know this name very well at this point. But, if by some miracle you’re a new fan to the show, Scott M. Gimple was the showrunner of The Walking Dead for some time before stepping down after Season 8 and being replaced by Angela Kang

Now, he is serving as an executive producer on the new series, Tales of the Walking Dead. 

As someone who has stuck with The Walking Dead for many years and has been a fan through and through, I do hope that Gimple makes Tales of the Walking Dead more like Season 4 of the original show and less like Season 8 - more character-driven stories and less mindless action. 

Gimple did get a lot of criticism for his later seasons as showrunner, and honestly, I can see why, and that’s coming from a superfan of the show. Regardless, with someone like him who has been heavily involved in the Walking Dead world since the show’s early beginnings, I have faith he’ll make a great spinoff show. 

What are you looking forward to the most about this upcoming spinoff series? The new stories? The new characters? I’m excited to see where this show goes and how far they are willing to take these new tales. I’m going into this with an open mind and can’t wait to see what Tales of the Walking Dead has to bring.  

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