That Time Drew Barrymore Hilariously Called Out Dakota Johnson For Her Infamous Ellen Interview

Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show
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Over the years, there have been plenty of iconic talk show interviews featuring celebrities, and Fifty Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson definitely holds one of them. Back in 2019, the actress paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the topic of Johnson's birthday came up. And when DeGeneres claimed she hadn't received an invite, the star famously shot down her claim and provided some receipts. The actress likely won't be able to escape the widely watched chat as time goes on, which was evidenced by Drew Barrymore hilariously calling her out for it.

On a recent edition of “Drew’s News” on The Drew Barrymore Show, the two stars caught up with each other a bit. They discussed a number of topics, including neighbors, and the Lost Daughter star just happens to live next door to Jimmy Kimmel and his family. The actress slyly mentioned that the two have parties quite often, which she isn’t invited typically invited. With this, the host subtly mentioned that invite interview:

Dakota Johnson: [Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly] are great neighbors, except they have a lot of parties, and they don’t invite me. Drew Barrymore: Is this for real? Because people have gotten in trouble for claiming not being invited to your parties. … That was amazing by the way, like amazing.

Since Dakota Johnson made that appearance on Ellen, it's been memed and mentioned many, many times. It’s hilarious that the two brought up the interview without actually bringing it up. Hopefully, there aren’t any hard feelings with Ellen DeGeneres but, in all honestly, it’s too perfect:

Last year, fans still hadn't forgiven Ellen DeGeneres, as they believed that she came off a bit strong while asserting that the actress didn’t invite her to the party. Of course, this situation paled in comparison to the backlash DeGeneres received following the allegations of less-than-ideal working conditions on the set of her talk show.

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson will be starring in a new romance movie, though it will likely be quite different from her time as Anastasia Steele in the popular Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Johnson is also set to appear in Persuasion, opposite Henry Golding. The film is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1817 novel, though it's set in the present. The story follows a young woman from a wealthy family who crosses paths with her former fiancé after a seven-year separation.

Hopefully, as the actress continues to do press for her projects, she doesn’t come have any interviews that turn take an awkward turn. But whatever happens, one can expect that she'll be honest and direct with whoever she's speaking with. It'll also be interesting to see if she returns to The Ellen DeGeneres Show before the host bows out. But in the meantime, I suggest you check out the interview a few more times, because it honestly just gets more engaging with each watch.

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