The Bachelor Spoilers: 3 Big Reveals From Clayton Echard's ‘Women Tell All’ Filming

Clayton Echard stands with the Season 26 cast of The Bachelor.
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This is one “Women Tell All” that all of Bachelor Nation has been waiting on. After what has proven to be a really tough season of The Bachelor for Clayton Echard, we’re finally going to see him face the Season 26 women to discuss some of the biggest controversies of his journey. The “Women Tell All” filmed on February 23 in Los Angeles, and reports have surfaced regarding what allegedly went down when Echard went face-to-face with his ex-girlfriends — yes, including Shanae Ankney. 

While Season 26 finished filming months ago, the “Women Tell All” episode is traditionally filmed closer to the finale’s air date. This allows both the lead and the contestants to see the show play out along with audiences, so they can respond to previously unknown events, as well as public reactions, before they reveal even more juicy behind-the-scenes secrets in seeking any closure they need. Reality Steve purports to know what happened when the Season 26 cast faced the cameras again, and here are the three biggest reveals.

Beware: Spoilers below!

Shanae Ankney Took The Hot Seat And Didn’t Apologize

Is it really a surprise that the woman who seems to be the biggest villain in Bachelor franchise history would stand by her actions, no matter how horrific? During Shanae Ankney’s hot seat time, Reality Steve reported that an uncensored video was shown of Ankney insulting the other women. While it will certainly be bleeped out for the upcoming primetime broadcast, it was shown in full at the taping, with Ankney calling Elizabeth Corrigan the C-word. There were supposedly a lot of “bitches” and “hoes” thrown around as well. Apparently there was no resolution, and Ankney did not apologize for anything. 

Clayton Echard Spent A Lot Of Time Apologizing

Reality Steve stated that by all accounts, our Season 26 bachelor had a rough night during the "Women Tell All" special, which seems par for the course this season. Clayton Echard apparently took shit from his exes for multiple offenses, including keeping Shanae Ankney around and for not believing them when they tried to warn him. He spent his hot seat time apologizing to the women as a group, as well as issuing individual apologies. No wonder he regretted becoming the bachelor.

Jesse Palmer Hinted At A Nontraditional Ending To The Season

The Bachelor’s first-season host Jesse Palmer dropped a big hint about the end of Clayton Echard’s season in that this one is probably not going to see the Missouri native get engaged and live happily ever after by the finale’s credits. Reality Steve reported that multiple times during the “Women Tell All,” Palmer said: 

I don’t know how the journey ends.

Jesse Palmer was present for the Iceland portion of Clayton Echard’s filming, which was where the final rose ceremony was held. If Palmer doesn’t know how the season ends, can we assume there will be more developments to come on “After the Final Rose,” which is filmed live following the finale’s broadcast? Maybe former Bachelor Peter Weber was on to something with his prediction about Echard ending up alone.

We don’t have to wait too long to find out. The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. ET Monday, March 7, on ABC, with the Fantasy Suites episode that Clayton Echard is supposedly dreading airing the next night on Tuesday, March 8. In the meantime, be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see when new and returning shows are premiering. 

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