The Blacklist: The Task Force Catches A Break In Hunt For Man Who Betrayed Red In New Season 9 Finale Clip

The Blacklist Season 9 is coming to an end, marking the conclusion of the first season without Elizabeth Keen. That said, Liz’s legacy has been alive and well throughout the episodes, and the reveal that the man behind her death after a long search was Red’s longtime lawyer guaranteed that Red was going to take it more personally than ever. As of the end of the penultimate episode, Red wants Marvin Gerard dead, while the Task Force needs him alive to clear Cooper’s name. In a clip from the Season 9 finale (seen above), the Task Force catches a break in hunting him down. But can they catch him?

Marvin’s escape should have been prevented when the airport was shut down, but he was in the wind despite what seemed like a surefire arrest before Red could get to him. Instead, the Task Force can’t find him… until Aram comes to a conclusion that helps them catch a break. The situation isn’t that they lost track of Marvin while he’s still at the airport, or that he somehow managed to take off before all flights were grounded. It’s that his getaway plane was never able to land to pick him up, and was diverted to a private airfield 30 miles away. 

They now have the location where Marvin is undoubtedly heading, and even though he presumably has a head start on them, this could be the break that they need. Dembe flying solo doesn’t necessarily bode well, but hopefully Ressler – who has had a rough season in the wake of Liz’s death – will touch down and meet up in time to help. The Task Force needed Aram’s expertise and tech genius (which they were fortunate to get back after his time in the private sector during the time jump), so if they’re lucky, Red doesn’t have the same information. 

It wasn’t that long ago that Red and the Task Force would have helped each other out in chasing down Marvin, but their goals aren’t exactly aligned anymore. Red has vengeance on his mind since Marvin set the wheels in motion to have Liz killed rather than let Red pass his business over to her, while Cooper’s name may not be cleared if Marvin is dead. That would be bad news for the Task Force as well as young Agnes in addition to Cooper, who has been dealing with being framed for nearly the whole season. Based on the episode description, fans are in for a wild ride as everything comes to a head: 

Red and Cooper square off with conflicting endgames for their mutual traitor. A major secret about the Task Force falls into the wrong hands.

The “conflicting endgames” likely refers to Red wanting Marvin dead and Cooper needing him alive, but the “major secret” falling into the wrong hands may not bode well for the Task Force. Tune in to NBC on Friday, May 27 to catch the Season 9 finale of The Blacklist!

Whether or not the finale ends with some big unanswered questions remains to be seen, but the very good news is that even if Season 9 ends on a killer cliffhanger, fans don’t need to worry about the future of the show. The Blacklist has already been renewed for Season 10, although the show won’t return until early 2023. For now, you can check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule for some viewing options during the hiatus. 

Laura Hurley
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