The Blacklist: Reddington Is 'Inches Away' From Answers In His Search For Liz's Killer In New Episode Clip

The Blacklist is quickly approaching the Season 9 finale, and with a lot of questions that are still unanswered, the stakes are just getting higher and higher. On the heels of an intense installment for Aram last week, the new episode on May 13 will see Red hot on the trail of getting some answers. An exclusive clip from the episode (seen above) reveals that he’s just “inches away” from getting what he needs, but it’ll take the help of Dembe and the Task Force to pull the con off. 

The new episode on May 13 is called “Caelum Bank,” and this wouldn’t be The Blacklist if the case was going to be as simple as robbing a brick and mortar bank. (And Red isn’t exactly after money.) This is a bank on a plane that operates under strict secrecy, and according to Aram – who certainly knows his way around technology – is pretty much impossible to hack from the outside. 

Still, the Task Force needs to make this impossible task possible for Red’s goal of getting the answers he needs from the bank’s president. For Red, getting the account information will take him one step closer to finding Liz’s killer, which is his clear priority at this point. 

Dembe’s focus is clear as well, although his top priority doesn’t have anything to do with Liz’s death, but rather helping Harold Cooper. After being framed for murder early in Season 9, Cooper has run into obstacle after obstacle in his attempts to clear his own name, and Dembe is a valuable ally for him to have in his corner. Red’s whole scheme seems to rely on getting the bank president down on the ground at some point, and he’ll evidently need the Task Force’s help for that. 

The clip doesn’t reveal exactly what Red’s plan is for getting the plane on the ground, but Dembe confirms that “the FAA isn’t going to like it.” It does look like the team is on board to pitch in, and Dembe intends to make sure that the FBI gets custody of the man as soon as Red gets the information that he needs. 

All things considered, the episode is primed to potentially deliver some answers that Red needs to connect dots to Liz’s killer. With just two episodes left in Season 9 after “Caelum Bank," there may be some real forward progress to set up how the season will wrap things up. The Blacklist has already been renewed for Season 10, so fans don’t have to worry that the end is coming just yet, no matter how the current season ends. 

For now, be sure to tune in to The Blacklist on Friday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to catch the “Caelum Bank” episode of Season 9. The finale airs on Friday, May 27, and it’s almost always safe to assume that The Blacklist finds a way to go big for its finales. If you’ve missed some recent episodes and want to catch up, you can do so with a Peacock subscription now.

Laura Hurley
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