The Story Behind Why Brock Lesnar Threw Wee Man Through A Table Is Hilarious

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Brock Lesnar is known as one of the toughest professional wrestlers in the business. Considering that he’s found success in both the WWE and UFC, not too many people (sans his former rival Alistair Overeem) want to try to mess with him. Of course, the Jackass crew aren’t like other people. So when viral video footage surfaced of Lesnar putting Wee Man through a table in a restaurant in St. Louis, folks were amused but not entirely surprised. Lesnar recently shared the story of how the moment came to be, and it's pretty hilarious.

Wrestling fans might’ve assumed Brock Lesnar threw Wee Man through the table as a publicity stunt ahead of WWE’s Royal Rumble, especially considering they were all present at the event. Lesnar recently confirmed on The Pat McAfee Show , however, that that wasn’t the case:

My buddy goes, ‘The Jackass crew is out there.’... So, I sent the waiter out and sent over a nice bottle of wine. So then next thing I know, Knoxville comes into the back room. He breaks my fucking door down. He broke the door on the private room. So, I come walking out, and in the midst of all this, (the other Jackass guys) were setting themselves on fire out in the restaurant. I didn’t know that at the time. So, I’m going home. I’m going to bed. I’m walking out, and Wee Man stands up and peacocks me a little bit. I just picked him up and said, ‘I’m gonna put you down right there.’ None of it was promo. None of it was staged. It just turned out to be really fun.

The wrestler maintained that the moment, which did feel like an intentional promotion of sorts, was not at all intended for that. What’s hilarious is that he decided to put Wee Man through the table just because he flexed on him and that he had no idea the Jackass crew was already doing rowdy stuff in the restaurant. He simply wanted to slam someone on a table, before going home to rest. You can see the wild stunt for yourself in the post down below:

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Brock Lesnar’s story serves as just one example of why he’s such a one-of-a-kind WWE superstar and perhaps why he’s held in such high regard by the company. Even when he’s not in character, he’s still doing the types of things fans might expect from his in-ring persona. (Granted, I think he probably should’ve put Johnny Knoxville through the table, especially after the actor destroyed a door in a restaurant.) I wonder if that eatery billed everyone for what went down or just took the free publicity that comes with having a UFC and WWE champion throw a Hollywood icon on a table. 

Brock Lesnar is appearing quite frequently on WWE these days, so one might catch him by watching Monday Night Raw on USA Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET. Folks can also catch his past matches (especially the ones with Roman Reigns) with a Peacock premium subscription, which are also worth checking out.

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