The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Gets Real About Hating Her Place At The Table After Admitting She’s Getting Tired On The Daytime Show

Whoopi Goldberg has been with The View for 15 years in the venerated position of moderator. That means she gets to sit at the head of the table and lead the sometimes-controversial discussions, while keeping her fellow co-hosts in line when needed. As such, it seems Goldberg must have the best seat in the house, right? Not so much, according to the Sister Act star, who recently admitted during an interview that her seat is actually “the worst” spot on The View. This revelation came amid concerns about the actress, as she told audiences she was tired during the filming of the weekday talk show.

Whoopi Goldberg dropped by the Literally! podcast with Rob Lowe, where she got real about feeling some discomfort about the seating arrangement on the Emmy-winning ABC talk show. The EGOT winner may have been leading the Hot Topics debates since 2007, but she disagreed with Lowe’s assertion that she held the “best location” at the table, saying: 

It's the worst place to sit. If you're concerned at all about how you look, it's the one place that makes you look the biggest is on the end. It's crazy.

While certainly sitting at the head of any table is considered to be a position of power, Whoopi Goldberg said there are other factors in play with her place on The View. After all, what good is power if you’re not feeling your strongest? To her point, the co-hosts sitting behind the table are blocked from view somewhat. Goldberg, however, sits on one end of the semi-circular table, giving the audience and home viewers a full view of her profile (depending on the camera angle) and exposing an apparent insecurity.

The actress addressed a comment about her weight on an October episode of The View, after a reporter reviewing her new movie Till said she was distracted by Whoopi Goldberg’s fat suit. The moderator used her platform on ABC to clarify that she had not been wearing a fat suit. Goldberg reflected on the reporter’s words, saying she understood the writer was likely not trying to be snarky, but the actress said she thought the focus should have been on the movie and not the actors’ looks.

Whoopi Goldberg’s comments come amid her own admission that she’s been tired during the filming of the daytime talk show. On one December episode, the moderator had to ask Sara Haines to help read her prompt card, saying (per The Sun), “My brain just went!” Following a commercial break, she explained further:

Hey, welcome back. I have to explain something, I think I'm tired! Because I was looking at what I was supposed to be reading… coz you know, you write stuff and then you can't read it and then you've gotta go to somebody and pray that they can read what's happening. So I don't want people to think anything's wrong with me, I was just having a moment coz I'm tired.

Her co-hosts backed her up, pointing out her “exhausting” schedule that had her traveling back and forth to London to promote Till and which likely caused jet lag. 

Hopefully, all is well, and Whoopi Goldberg is getting some rest now that The View is on holiday hiatus. As we await her return alongside Season 26 co-hosts Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin, check out our 2023 TV schedule to see what else is coming in the new year. 

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