The Walking Dead: 5 Feelings I Had While Watching Season 11's "Acts Of God"

Maggie and Hershel Jr. in The Walking Dead.
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For the first time in eleven seasons, I can finally say that The Walking Dead had its second mid-season finale recently, setting up the final eight episodes of the long-running AMC series. While this has been a long ride to get here, I have to say that this mid-season finale was a hell of a lot better than the first one, for many reasons. 

From the deaths of certain characters to the beginning of a revolution, to the start of a bigger story overall, The Walking Dead Season 11, with “Acts of God,” had me feeling many different ways, and here are the reasons why. 

Lance and Commonwealth soldiers in The Walking Dead.

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Okay, look - the moment I first saw Lance from the Commonwealth in The Walking Dead, I felt like he was a little but of a Governor rip-off without actually being a governor, just a person in power. The Governor from Seasons 3 and 4 was one of the best villains on the show, and it would be hard to fill his shoes. 

However, I do feel that Lance is slowly creeping in that direction, specifically during “Acts of God.” While I don’t think he is ever going to reach the heights that the former Governor did, you can tell that he’s not the same man from the beginning of this part of the show. I felt like he’s slowly been losing his cool and showing his true colors, all up to this point where he is forcibly taking communities that are attached to Hilltop and putting them under Commonwealth rule. 

That coin flip too, the fact that I feel he’s putting a whole lot of lives on the line just based off of where that coin lands - it has me feeling nervous, oh my God. And now, I’m eager to see which side of the coin this man’s sanity ends on. 

Commonwealth soldiers in The Walking Dead.

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I feel like it’s only now connected inside my little head that this is the last mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. Like ever. I have lived my life watching this show for more than a decade and it’s going to be coming to an end soon after the next eight episodes. 

Which is why “Acts of God” has me feeling worried as hell, too. 

I have witnessed some very heartbreaking deaths in this show, ones that have sat with me for years. And honestly, we haven’t had one of those in a while now. With this being the last season, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a 180 and ended up killing off some huge major characters. Both Maggie and Aaron got pretty close brushes with death this season, and while I don’t think that Maggie is going to die (because she and Negan seem to be getting a spinoff), I’m concerned for others. 

I don’t know man, I’m feeling worried for my main-man, Jerry. I don’t want him to die. About to go have a panic attack...bye! 

Leah and Maggie in The Walking Dead.

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I’m saying it now for all to hear - I hated Leah. 

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. Let me rephrase - I strongly disliked her character and felt she was shoehorned into this show specifically to create drama for Daryl and Maggie that they didn’t need. Which is why in “Acts of God,” when Daryl is forced to shoot her since she literally kidnapped, gagged, and almost killed Maggie, I was quite happy. 

I’ve already expressed my distaste for the Reaper storyline from the first part of Season 11 of The Walking Dead, and Leah was the sole-survivor of that when this show premiered Episode 9, thanks to Daryl. But, seeing her die, especially by Daryl’s hand, finally felt like we can put an end to that storyline. 

No disrespect to Lynn Collins - she was great as Leah, but I’m happy to let that character go. 

The newspaper in The Walking Dead.

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First off, can we just be happy that Connie is finally back and getting the screen time that the wonderful Lauren Ridloff deserves? She was one of my favorite new characters in Season 9 of The Walking Dead and I’m so happy she’s back now.

With that, her role in “Acts of God,” alongside many other Commonwealth characters, has me so excited for the next part of this show. We’re going to see the rise of a revolution and the war against the Commonwealth. The final takedown that will end all take-downs. 

I’m here for all this action, excitement, and everything else that is going to happen. I am ready for some more badass Daryl Dixon moments and the survivors coming together once more instead of spending all their time apart.  

The crew in The Walking Dead.

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Again, it’s only just registering in my brain now that The Walking Dead is really going to be coming to a close when it returns for its final eight episodes. Even though a part of that does make me sad - as it was a huge part of my high school and college years - I can’t help but anticipate how this show ends. 

As we all know, The Walking Dead is based on the comic series of the same name by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, and the show is quite different from the comics, adding in new characters (like Daryl), killing off others (Carol would be long gone now if they stuck with the comics) and so much more, so it makes me wonder how exactly they are going to end this show. 

Are they going to stick with the comic ending but with different characters? Are some fan-favorites going to get killed off that we don’t expect? Is Rick going to suddenly make a surprise guest appearance in the finale before his movie? There’s so much stuff to theorize about and anticipate that I am so eager to see what comes next. But, only time will tell. 

It’ll be a while before the last eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11 come out, but when they do, you can bet I’ll be on my couch, watching each episode until the very end. And, hopefully, looking forward to the next show in this ever-expansive zombie universe. 

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