True Detective Season 4: 6 Quick Things We Know About The Next Installment Of The HBO Series

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When it comes to some of the best HBO shows, what are some of the ones you think of first? It could be Game of Thrones, or its popular spinoff, House of the Dragon. Or, you could think of older shows and The Wire might pop up. Perhaps the cast of The Sopranos is something you think of, as well. However, for a long time, I’ve always thought of True Detective. 

The crime anthology on HBO has been going for three seasons, with three new casts for each story, following crime tales that have so many twists and turns that it’s hard to even keep track. And now, after a long wait, Season 4 is finally on the way here. But for fans of True Detective, one might be wondering who is going to star – and when it might come out. For your crime drama inquiries, here are six quick things we know about True Detective Season 4. 

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Season 4 IS Happening, But There’s No Set Release Date Yet

For some time, it really was up in the air whether or not True Detective Season 4 was even happening. The third season premiered in 2019, and saw a bit of a drop in viewership in comparison to the first two seasons, so the idea of a fourth was very much unsure. 

However, in 2022, it was confirmed that the fourth season was officially greenlit by HBO, according to Deadline. This was such a huge win, since we hadn’t seen any serious news about a possible Season 4 in ages. 

Even so, since the season was announced, we haven’t been given an exact release date yet. There has been a lot of casting news though, and production (as you’ll see below) is starting, so hopefully, in time, we’ll get that official premiere. I wouldn’t count on it being on any 2022 TV premiere schedule – but maybe 2023, if we’re lucky. 

Jodie Foster and Kali Reis are set to star in True Detective Season 4.

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Jodie Foster And Kali Reis Will Be Co-Leads

Featured in the Deadline article above, it was confirmed that Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster would be starring in Season 4 of True Detective. For those who don’t know who Jodie Foster is, she’s an all-around fantastic actress who has been in dozens of films. 

Two of her most famous, The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs, won her Academy Awards for Best Actress, but other than that, she’s been in plenty of other big movies and TV shows like Sommersby, Anna and the King, Flightplan, and more, and even directed several TV shows like Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror, and House of Cards. 

However, she’s not the only one that’s taking on a starring role in Season 4. According to Variety, Kali Reis is also set to unexpectedly star opposite Jodie Foster in the fourth season in a lead role. 

Kali Reis is known more for her stellar skills in the boxing world, where she has held several world championships in multiple classes. According to the Variety article, she has a professional record of 19 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw. However, she has had some acting experience as well, appearing in the film IFC film, Catch the Fair One. 

The two actresses are set to play the characters Detectives Liz Danvers (Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Reis).

John Hawkes and Fiona Shaw will be in True Detective Season 4.

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John Hawkes, Fiona Shaw, And More Will Also Star

Now, we have the two stars of True Detective Season 4, so all we need are their co-stars – and thankfully, those have been cast! According to Variety, actors have already been cast in big roles for the show, and these include John Hawkes, Christopher Eccleston, Fiona Shaw, Finn Bennett, and Anna Lambe. 

All of the character names have been announced as well. Hawkes will play Hank Prior, a police officer. Eccleston will portray Ted Corsario, a chief of police, and someone who has a close past with Foster’s character. Shaw is going to play Rose Aguineau, a survivalist, and Bennett will play an apprentice to Danvers called Peter Prior. Lambe will play Kayla Malee, a nurse. 

All of these actors and actresses have done so much, like Hawkes being in the popular HBO series, Deadwood, or Fiona Shaw taking on the role of Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter franchise. And, it’s super exciting to see all these great additions to the cast – and all the talents they will bring. 

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The Fourth Season Will Take Place In Alaska And Follow A Disappearance 

The first three seasons of True Detective hopped around all over the country. The first was in Louisiana, the second in California, and the third in Arkansas. But now, in Season 4, we are going very far north – all the way up to Alaska. 

In the Variety article featured above, Alaska is confirmed to be the setting for True Detective Season 4, with the main mystery featuring a disappearance. According to the description for the series, it will follow Danvers and Navarro in their quest to solve the mystery of six men that operate a research station in Alaska who suddenly go missing without a trace.

As they search for them, they must come to terms with their own demons and dark secrets, while trying to find the true answer behind this strange case of vanishing. 

Out of everywhere in the world for True Detective to take place, a part of me is so happy it’s in Alaska, because that’s going to be so creepy – Alaska is beautiful, but also so sparsely populated, which makes it the best setting for a mystery show – where could they have gone? I’m so excited. 

Issa Lopez directed Tigers Are Not Afraid.

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Issa Lopez Is Serving As The Showrunner

According to the Variety article above, Issa Lopez is set to act as showrunner for the fourth season – as well as write, direct, and produce. The Mexican producer has worked on many international shows and movies, with one of her most famous being Tigers Are Not Afraid, but this will be her first time diving into the American TV industry, and I can’t wait to see what she does. 

Rachel McAdams in Season 2 of True Detective.

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The Show Is Being Filmed In Iceland

There are so many cases of movies and television shows that say they are taking place in one setting and are actually filmed completely somewhere else. I mean, look at the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe – half of those end up taking place near New York City or elsewhere in the world but I always see that Georgia peach near the end, signaling that it filming in Georgia.

And True Detective is like that as well. While the setting is Alaska, it’s been confirmed by the Iceland Review that the series is filming there, saying that it will be filming in the country over a “nine-month period.” 

Iceland is a beautiful country, and several big films and TV shows have been filmed there, so I’m excited to see the beautiful shots that are bound to come from this production. 

What are you the most excited for with this show? I am literally counting down the days until we possibly get a release date because I need more mystery in my life. True Detective Season 4 can’t come soon enough.

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