True Detective Season 4 Revealed Jodie Foster's Unexpected Co-Star, And Got Great News From HBO

Jodie Foster having a beer with Benedict Cumberbatch in The Mauritanian.
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It wasn’t that long ago that whispers of True Detective’s fourth season soothed our deep-set anticipation, with Jodie Foster revealed to co-lead the HBO drama’s return. With nothing more than a promising team and a concept, it wasn’t certain that this project would move forward. That has officially changed through some great news: True Detective: Night Country has been given a full series order, and what's more, Foster now has an unexpected and badass co-star on board.

Professional boxer/actor Kali Reis will be starring as Detective Evangeline Navarro, alongside Jodie Foster’s Detective Liz Danvers, as officially announced by HBO. True Detective: Night Country will see the two investigators looking into the disappearance of six men from a remote arctic research station which, given the series’ pedigree, will probably lead to some ominous findings.

Kali Reis interrogates someone while holding a knife in Catch The Fair One.

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Reis joins the series after making a huge splash with her indie film debut, the sex-trafficking revenge thriller Catch the Fair One, which was just released as part of June 2022’s DVD releases. As her only released acting credit thus far, the impression Kali Reis has left is a strong one. 

Rounding out the creative team behind the scenes is Tigers Are Not Afraid writer/director Issa López, who will serve those same duties for True Detective: Night Country, on top of being the showrunner and executive producer. Celebrating the announcement of Kali Reis' casting becoming public knowledge, López shared the following message on Twitter

These are my Ladies. Danvers and Navarro. Into the Night we go.

Seeing Kali Reis's intensity paired with that of Jodie Foster is something that True Detective fans, as well as anyone who loves a good, intense drama, should be looking forward to. Even going by the vague log line of "long winter night" forcing these new detectives to "confront the darkness they carry in themselves," this fourth season seems familiar, but leaves the door open for so much new excitement. 

It may be early days for True Detective: Night Country, but it’s without question one of the most anticipated HBO Max shows headed our way. While some may still want to see the mysterious original Season 4 pitch from series creator Nic Pizzolato, it has to be said that Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, and Issa López are a dream team that’s too good to pass up. Twists, turns, and nightmares await us all, and you can be sure that there’s horrors in this night to come.

There’s no current planned air date for True Detective: Night Country. However, you can revisit the first three seasons of the series, should you be an HBO Max subscriber. Last, but not least, if you want to experience Kali Reis’ performance in Catch The Fair One, you can currently rent or purchase the film. Or, if you have an AMC+ subscription, the film is streaming through that platform, at the time of this writing.

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