Viral TikTok Appeared To Show Sydney Sweeney Being Asked To Show Her Boobs At Met Gala, But Is That What Actually Happened?

There are few events every year that bring out the hottest stars in the realms of fashion, movies and TV, music, and more, like the annual Met Gala. For this reason, it’s a hotly anticipated event that has many of us mere mortals on the edge of our seats over who’s going to attend and what fabulous (or fabulously insane) outfits they’re going to wear. This year’s Met Gala, however, has seen a TikTok of the soiree go viral which seems to show Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney being asked to show her “boobs” on the red carpet, but that might not be what actually happened.

What Did The TikTok Of Sydney Sweeney At The Met Gala Show?

While celeb watchers pay very close attention to the goings on at the annual Met Gala, there’s also no doubt that it’s a ticket that dozens upon dozens of famous folk would like to get their hands on. So, in general, when people are invited to the exclusive event, they get gussied up and go. This year, one of the breakout stars of the Euphoria cast, Sydney Sweeney, was in attendance for the first time, and as she posed for photographers on the red carpet, it seemed that one of them asked to see the young actress' “boobs,” which a TikTok user then reposted in frustration. Take a look:


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The video eventually went viral, as an example of the treatment women are far too often subjected to, whether famous or not. The TikTok user heard the photographer yell, “Does anyone have boobs like you down there? Come on, show us those boobs,” and went on to lament Sweeney having to deal with “catcalling” and sexual harassment while “at the height of her career” at one of the most respected events of every year, and in a very public forum. 

While several people who watched the clip also believe they heard the same thing, there’s now a question of whether or not the original interpretation of the audio is actually correct.

What Might The Video Of Sydney Sweeney At The Met Gala Have Actually Shown?

If you watch any video clips of the Met Gala (or, truthfully, most red carpet arrivals at any major event), you will likely notice that there are a number of photographers yelling directives to those on the carpet at the same time, so that they can get the best photo of the stars from their position. According to BuzzFeed News, which got information on the Met Gala from an anonymous source who spoke to people in attendance, “boobs” has been mistaken for a far less troubling word, given the circumstances, with them saying that Sweeney was asked to show her “moves” instead.

Apparently, this was in reference to how Sweeney (who recently joined the Madame Web cast) had just been twirling around after surprisingly detaching the long train from her dress and letting it drop before finally ascending the stairs into the main part of the event. And, as noted earlier, with so many people yelling at once, it would be difficult to get everything that one hears on a video correct, and pretty easy to hear the word “moves” as the word “boobs.”

Sweeney has talked in the past about how filming her nude scenes on Euphoria seems to have led people to ignore her acting chops (though Sweeney’s grandparents appear to support the nudity), and she’s been open about how much it can hurt to have people say hateful things about your appearance. So, if she was catcalled at the Met Gala, she certainly handled it better than many would have. Right now, we don’t know who yelled the comment at Sydney Sweeney either way, but let’s all hope that the idea of her being harassed on the red carpet was really just a mistake. 

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