Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney Reveals How Her Nude Scenes Sparked An Unexpected Reaction From Her Grandparents

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie on Euphoria
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Sydney Sweeney has no qualms about stripping down for her role as Cassie on Euphoria, but when her grandparents are involved? That’s another story. The 24-year-old actress recently revealed that her grandparents watched her nude scenes on Euphoria - and their reaction was completely unexpected. 

In an interview on The Ellen Show, Sydney Sweeney discussed the time she invited her grandparents to watch the Euphoria premiere - except, of course, she forgot about the episode’s graphic nudity. She explained: 

So for the premiere, I invited my entire family, and I didn’t really think about scenes that were [sexual]. Like my grandparents, my uncle. Oh yeah, I was like, ‘It’s a Hollywood premiere! Like, you gotta come!’ And we were all sitting next to each other, and…I was on the floor. I wasn’t thinking [about my grandparents seeing it]. I was so excited.

Sydney Sweeney’s excitement about her first big Hollywood premiere completely erased the thought of her mature scenes from her mind. To make matters worse, she shared that the TV screen at the Euphoria premiere was absolutely ginormous, putting her assets on full display in front of several of her closest family members. Talk about fodder for an awkward family reunion!

While that scenario may sound like an outtake from everyone's worst nightmare, there’s no reason to worry about Sydney Sweeney’s grandparents: they’re not like regular grandparents, they’re cool grandparents (her grandmother was even in the audience during her Ellen interview). In fact, they even had a positive, albeit unexpected reaction to her nude scenes. She said: 

They said I have the best tits in Hollywood.

Cool grandparents, indeed. They’re not just supportive of her work on Euphoria - according to Sydney Sweeney – her family members love to send her photos of her magazine covers out in the wild and spam the shelves with copies of Cosmopolitan that have her face on them. 

Of course, Sydney Sweeney’s nude scenes are far from Cassie’s most memorable moments on Euphoria. Season 2 alone provided a plethora of viral images, including her ill-fated attempt to hide from Maddy in a bathtub and the gross-out sequence in a hot tub that found her throwing up all over her boyfriend/best friend’s ex Nate. 

The drama surrounding Cassie and Nate also provided some gag-worthy moments in Season 2. Who could forget Rue outing Cassie in front of Maddy in an attempt to avoid an intervention? The finale featured a long-awaited and very public reckoning between the former best friends, who finished the season on extremely tenuous footing. At least Sydney Sweeney will always have her grandparents to cheer her on. 

You can catch Sydney Sweeney as Cassie on the first two seasons of Euphoria with your HBO Max subscription. Season 3 may be a long way away, but you can fill the void with other shows like Euphoria or check out these upcoming TV releases

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