Wait, Could Tyson Fury Be Heading Back To The WWE Amid Rumors Of Retirement From Boxing?

Tyson Fury on Monday Night Raw
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Tyson Fury defended his heavyweight championship in a battle with Dillian Whyte not too long ago, and it’s possible that it marks the last time fans see Fury in a non-exhibition match. The athlete teased his retirement and, while reports on that development have been making the rounds, the fighter sparked another rumor, this one regarding his potential future in pro wrestling with the WWE

Shortly after Tyson Fury’s title defense, Sky Sports shared a tweet featuring a clip of WWE superstar Drew McIntyre. In it, the pro discussed the possibility of the Gypsy King returning to the pro wrestling organization for a match with him. Fury retweeted the posted and addressed the company directly, in what seemed like a pitch for a potential match:

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The athlete's mention of the World Wrestling Entertainment going to the UK is interesting, considering the company will host a major event in the city on September 3rd. Should he return for that, it would be his first match with the company since 2019, when he competed in a few matches for the organization. This included a showdown with Braun Strowman at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia (streaming now with a Peacock premium subscription). The British fighter defeated Strowman (who is no longer with the company) and then returned to his work in the boxing world. 

While it’s unknown if Tyson Fury is officially done with boxing yet, ESPN reports that the champion directly mentioned WWE during a press conference. Fury previously mentioned that he'd spoke to the wrestling entity about potentially going head to head with Drew McIntyre at this year’s upcoming Summerslam pay-per-view in Nashville, which takes place on July 30th. McIntyre shared the video and kept the speculation going with his tweet:

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Things can certainly change, but this honestly does feel like an indicator that heavyweight champion is going back to the WWE. It seems like the plan would be to establish a feud of some sort between him and Drew McIntyre at Summerslam and then chase it with another match between the two in Cardiff a couple of months later. I’m assuming either potential match wouldn’t result in any championships, wrestling or boxing, being on the line, but who knows what might happen. It seems unlikely at this stage that Drew McIntyre would be in the conversation for major title contention, especially given the fans’ white-hot response to Cody Rhodes’ WWE return

When you think about it, it's really not crazy to think that Vince McMahon and co. would want the Manchester native back. At this time, the corporation has continued its push to bring professional athletes and other celebrities from around the world into its fold on a part-time basis. Celebrities like Bad Bunny and Logan Paul (who Tyson Fury gave props to in the past) have impressed with their in-ring debuts, and professional athletes like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar will ultimately be remembered as legends of the organization and are still highly relevant post-Wrestlemania. Could Fury be the next major sports star to start a major career in the pro wrestling company? Perhaps we’ll find out in the coming months.

Monday Night Raw airs on the USA network on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those watching should keep an eye out to see if the episode makes mention of Tyson Fury in any way, as those could serve as additional clue's regarding the fighter's alleged WWE return.

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