Watch Mayim Bialik Reunite With Joey Lawrence And More Blossom Co-Stars For Call Me Kat Season 2

Mayim Bialik on Call Me Kat
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After one season, Mayim Bialik seems to have settled nicely into her new lead role in Fox’s Call Me Kat. Avid sitcom fans, however, surely know that the actress has other iconic, mutl-cam shows under her belt, one of which is Blossom. It’s the show that brought her into the public eye, and ‘90s kids likely still have love for the coming-of-age show. Well, the classic comedy, on which she played the titular role, also holds a special place in Bialik’s heart, and she’s about to satisfy that nostalgia in a sweet way. The actress is reuniting with a few of her former co-stars, including Joey Lawrence, for the Season 2 premiere of Kat, and there’s a delightful video showcasing it.

Joining Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence will be fellow Blossom alums Jenna Von Oy and Michael Stoyanov. And apparently, the cat-centric comedy has found a very meta way to integrate the trio of stars into the series. According to EW, Lawrence, Von Oy and Stoyanov will come to town for a celebrity golf tournament. And as fate would have it, all three will end up passing through Kat’s Louisville-based cat cafe. 

To mark the sweet occasion, Fox also released a sweet behind-the-scenes promo that teases what’s to come in the premiere. And overall, it looks like the four ‘90s staples are having a blast sharing the screen again. Check it out for yourself down below:

The Kat actress herself also marked the occasion by taking to Twitter to share a fun post, in which she’s sporting a familiar-looking hat. Take a look, and let the TV memories flood your mind in the process: 

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For the uninitiated, Blossom was a teen sitcom that aired for five seasons on Fox, from 1991-1995. The series centered on Blossom Ruby Russo, an Italian-American teenager who -- along with her father and brothers -- tries to move on after her mother leaves the family. Joey Lawrence and Michael Michael Stoyanov played Joey and Tony Russo, respectively, the older brothers of Mayim Bialik’s protagonist. Meanwhile, Jenna Von Oy played her fast-talking best friend, Six, who became one of the show’s signature characters.

Mayim Bialik has actually been trying to revive the sitcom for some time now. Earlier this year, she confirmed that she and original series creator Don Reo were trying to shop around a limited series of sorts. Unfortunately, she said that the two were having a hard time finding a network willing to take on the project. Joey Lawrence also spoke on the prospect of a continuation project back in 2017, saying that he’d be down for it, if it happens. 

Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, though this little reunion could potentially spark a bit of interest. But even if it doesn’t, it’s still nice to see the gang back together. It’s a smart way to have everyone meet back up -- and one that has me wondering if Kat will now actually end up meeting Mayim Bialik at some point on the show. I mean, hey, stranger things have happened.

Call Me Kat returns on January 9th at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. And coincidentally, you can stream both the first season of the show and all four seasons of Blossom on Hulu now.

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