Watch New Amsterdam's Max Negotiate A Deal To Fix A Dangerous Problem In Fun New Episode Clip

Max has had a rough fifth season of New Amsterdam so far, but the good doctor had a little help from his friends in the aftermath of losing Helen and he’s back to giving his all to help others. A new clip from the October 25 episode of the medical drama – called “Give Me A Sign” – reveals that Max will have to make a deal with somebody outside of the hospital to make a difference this time, and he’ll team up with an interesting new character to do it. Check it out above!

Who could have guessed that we’d see the day of Max “How Can I Help?” Goodwin recruiting the help of an ambulance-chasing lawyer based off of a “Get Yo’ Crash Cash” business card? He came for a good cause, although he wouldn’t describe his mission as to “bring justice to the kid and the old broad who got mushed this morning.” 

Lawyer Callie Cruz (played by The Sopranos and The Blacklist vet Aida Turturro) thinks that he wants to sue a driver for causing injuries that require surgery, but his goals are much more in line with who fans have been watching for the past five seasons. Max doesn’t want to sue a driver for money; he wants to sue the city of New York to get a crosswalk added to a dangerous intersection. 

While the issue is pretty serious, the episode clip already makes it clear that Max and Callie are going to have a fun dynamic in “Give Me A Sign,” particularly with her immediately saying that Max not wanting money is “an obvious lie” but rolling with it anyway. She’s up for the challenge of suing the city, as she cuts her fee in half after Max starts negotiating. He didn’t even have to try very hard! 

That’s not to say that they won’t have to try hard to get that crosswalk painted, since suing New York City can’t be a very straightforward process. It’s curious that Max has to go to an unlikely ally to push this case forward, and I can’t help but wonder whether the hospital is actually volunteering the $5,000 fee for Callie if they win their case. 

If anything, Max going above and beyond is a sign that he’s more or less back to normal, after the heartbreak of losing Helen and then the health scare when he briefly thought that his cancer might be returning. Getting closer to Dr. Wilder has clearly helped him bounce back as well, even though what was supposed to be a huge triumph for them a few episodes ago took a dark turn

Since the fifth season is also the final season, now is the time to stay current on the goings-on at New York’s public hospital and the variety of ways that Max Goodwin is sure to always try to help. The “Give Me A Sign” episode of New Amsterdam airs on Tuesday, October 25 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. 

The promo also reveals that Reynolds will face some more complications with his father after coming to suspect that he has bipolar disorder, so be sure to tune in! As for whether or not Iggy needs an intervention… well, only the new episode will reveal how he’s coping after his wilderness misadventure. You can also revisit past episodes of the medical drama streaming with a Peacock subscription

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