Watch Nick Jonas Turn White Lotus' Haley Lu Richardson Into A Swearing Fangirl Mess For Surprise Video Call

Portia looking at her phone on The White Lotus.
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Despite The White Lotus being an Emmy-winning series, its stars are still just as normal as ever and even fangirl from time to time. Haley Lu Richardson, who is part of the Season 2 cast of The White Lotus, recently had one of these moments when she FaceTimed with Nick Jonas, and it was both wholesome and hilarious.

While promoting Season 2 of The White Lotus on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Haley Lu Richardson, who portrays Portia on the HBO anthology series, was taken back in time. Corden brought out a very cute picture of her with the Jonas Brothers at the height of their careers, which was about 15 years ago, and Richardson couldn’t help but share that she was definitely a Nick girl.

Richardson shared how she made Nick Jonas a tie since he was in a tie phase, but security had to take it for fear that it was dangerous. James Corden was then able to get Jonas on a video call, and the way that the actress reacted was so sweet and wholesome and filled with plenty of swearing, check it out:

It’s always sweet seeing stars fangirl and get starstruck over other stars, but it’s even more special when it’s a childhood dream come true. While Haley Lu Richardson was trying to calm herself down, she told Jonas how much he means to her, and I don’t think I have ever wanted to be someone more. Not only that, but Jonas even mentioned how he had just finished watching The White Lotus, so he was a fan of her as well.

If Haley Lu Richardson is able to keep her composure, perhaps she and Nick Jonas can star in a movie together? Or maybe it can be an animated one so they wouldn’t necessarily have to see each other during production, but Richardson can still say she worked with her celebrity crush. Either way, working with Jonas is most likely on her bucket list, but even if it doesn’t happen, video-calling him is a pretty good alternative.

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise to know that The White Lotus was renewed for a third season, as the anthology series has been very successful. Not much is known about the next season, but with it being an anthology, there will be a mostly new cast, meaning that Haley Lu Richardson and co. will probably not be coming back. Though it's still possible we could see them return to the HBO show in the future. Who know, maybe Nick Jonas could be cast in Season 3 of The White Lotus, while it feels like a longshot it's by no means impossible. 

Both seasons of The White Lotus are available to stream now on HBO Max with a subscription. Also, make sure to check out CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule to see what to look forward to in the new year!

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