We Finally Know What The Holy Zeus Was Going On With That Arnold Schwarzenegger Photo

Blockbuster actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to sharing career news with his fanbase on social media, but he recently left a lot of people scratching their heads after sharing a feature-worthy poster of himself decked out in godly CGI'd attire for what appeared to be a new project called Zeus. As it turns out, theater audiences shouldn't be expecting another big screen franchise from the Terminator vet after all, but rather a ridiculous Super Bowl commercial from the marketing team at BMW.

As evidenced in the commercial above, Arnold Schwarzenegger went all fluffy-haired and thick-bearded not for a new film focusing on the greatest of all the Greek gods, but rather for a big-budget television ad set to air on the most-viewed day of TV in any given year: Super Bowl Sunday. While I have no doubt many people out there would love to know what kind of movie would have been birthed from the poster that the actor shared, let's all just assume it would have been a wasteful hack job, just so we can get on with our days.

For anyone confused about how this vid that feels more set up as a coffee shop ad is meant to promote consumer spending on BMW vehicles, it should be noted that the video released by BMW is only a teaser for the longer version. It's presumed that the full-length ad will be aired in multiple parts throughout the NFL game's runtime, given how expensive the 30-second slots already are. They could buy a WHOLE lot of coffees, let's just say that.

The angle here seems to be that even though Zeus is this big powerful deity of legend, he's not immune to the woes and aggravations of everyday life, such as having one's name brutally mispronounced by a cafe barista. He probably has to deal with other shit, too, like way-too-short green lights during heavy traffic, mishandled fast food orders, and spotty internet connections during storms. But if they try and tell me Zeus is losing single socks in the dryer on a regular basis, I'm going to have to tell BMW to try again. 

Another piece of super exciting news is that Salma Hayek will also be part of this BMW campaign, and will appear in the overall ad as Zeus' wife Hera. While we have yet to see her in action, we do have a first look via a revised version of the initial "movie" poster.

Zeus and Hera poster from BMW

(Image credit: BMW)

I bet everybody gets thy queen's name correct on coffee cups. And whatever other cups.

 I know I'm not alone in hoping upon hopes that Super Bowl Sunday will also be the day when fans get their first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger reuniting with Danny DeVito for the long-awaited Twins sequel Triplets, with Eddie Murphy having previously signed on as a third co-star. Of course, now I think I'd be equally pleased to see DeVito wearing the exact same Zeus costume that Schwarzenegger is in the BMW ad.

If I had to place my bets on what the actor will be doing on this day his big commercial makes its linear debut, I'd say that noted Yellowstone fan Arnold Schwarzenegger will be tuning into the latest episode of 1883 on Paramount+, which takes place in a time where BMWs would look like science fiction miracles. But maybe he likes the Rams or something.

As it goes each year, Super Bowl LVI will likely offer a deluge of funny, eye-catching ads when it airs on Sunday, February 13, with all kinds of NFL coverage happening beforehand, and all kinds of Winter Olympics footage airing after the big game. Look no further to see how to stream the championship game, as well as what other big premieres are noted in our 2022 TV schedule.

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