Wendy Williams Insiders Say Star's Habits Are Taking A Toll After Reports Indicate She Kept Forgetting Her Show Was Canceled

Wendy Williams has lived through a tremendous amount of difficulties in the past several years that most people would consider deeply stressful. In early 2019 the now former host of The Wendy Williams Show told her fans that she’d been residing in a sober living facility, and shortly after, Williams divorced her husband after reports of him fathering a child with another woman went public. Her many health issues soon became too much, with Williams sitting out all of what would become the final season of her daytime talker. Now, there are more alleged worries coming from those who know Williams, as there are reports that her habits are taking a toll and she can’t remember that her show was canceled.

What Are Insiders Claiming About Wendy Williams’ Habits? 

Even before Wendy Williams admitted to fans on her talk show that she’d been battling with addiction and living in a sober house to fully recover, the former radio host had been open about her addiction to cocaine. While Williams is now attempting to find her way back into the spotlight with a podcast that she’s said to be working on, though, The U.S. Sun is reporting that some close to the star are now worried that her habits are making things worse for her. According to one anonymous source:

[Wendy] lives like she thinks she's a baddie, she's always felt that way but her body isn't saying that nowadays.

Basically, the source claims that Williams is still trying to live like someone who has her life fully together, possibly to the point of ignoring the severity of her health problems and all the consistent changes needed to her lifestyle to make things better for her in the short and long term. Another source got more specific, and noted that Williams’ use of alcohol is seen as an issue:

She can't stop drinking and she needs to stop drinking; it's just making her health worse.

Williams has been struggling with the symptoms from Graves' disease, along with a number of other health conditions, for quite some time. But, those problems increased enough in the summer of 2021 that she was unable to return to her talk show, which is what led to its eventual cancellation, and one of her guest hosts, Sherri Shepherd, being given her own show in the former Wendy Williams Show timeslot this fall. With reports that Williams passed out next to a glass of champagne in a New York City storefront in early August, it’s obvious why those close to her might see her drinking as an issue.

Wendy Williams Seems To Be Forgetting That Her Show Was Canceled 

While fans were already very concerned about Williams’ health as a series of guest hosts kept her show going, it was in early 2022 that several troubling rumors surfaced about the state of Williams’ mental health, as well. Fans heard that she was having trouble eating and dressing herself on a regular basis without help, along with not being able to hold normal conversations and sometimes not recognizing people she’d known for many years. 

The early months of this year also saw Williams become embroiled in a fight with her bank after they denied her access to her money and information regarding her accounts, when those in charge became suspicious that she was an “incapacitated person” who was “of unsound mind.” And, though Williams and several who’ve been on her team or close to her over the course of this year have denied reports of her having trouble with her mental health, she’s also had at least one public instance where she appeared to have forgotten that her talk show had been canceled. 

In early May, while doing an Instagram Live (via THR) with rapper Fat Joe (who acted as one of the guest hosts during The Wendy Williams Show’s final season) Williams noted that she’d “absolutely” be back on her show, though she could have been referring to making an appearance in the finale, which didn’t end up happening. 

Hopefully, Wendy Williams will get the help she needs, and be able to make the comeback she and so many of her fans want.

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