Wendy Williams' Lawyer Opens Up About The Star's Feelings Now That The Court Has Appointed A Financial Guardian To Her Case

There’s a lot that’s been going on with Wendy Williams over the last several months, both on the financial and health-related fronts. Due to health issues, Williams has been off her daytime show for the whole season, and now the show will be moving on with Sherri Shepherd heading it up. Meanwhile, there have also been issues with her gaining access to her bank statements with Wells Fargo, with the latest update being that the former daytime host was appointed a financial guardian by a judge. Now, her lawyer is opening up about how she feels about everything that has gone down. 

When last this case came up, Wendy Williams had first been appointed a temporary guardian that had been in place since March but, hoping for access to her financial records, she had an attorney file an emergency petition with the hope of keeping the bank from continuing to deny her access to her funds. Instead, a full-time financial guardian was put into place, and according to Williams’ lawyer, that was not her wish at all. Speaking to THR, attorney La’Shawn Thomas openly stated: 

Wendy doesn’t agree with a financial guardian being appointed. If it’s the court’s intention to have one appointed over her affairs for the long haul, she definitely isn’t going to accept that.

Well, that doesn't beat around the bush in regards to the star's feelings on the matter. Regardless, this whole situation with Williams' relationship with Wells Fargo and what's going on with her finances has been opaque for months, with Williams previously stating she feels the situation is "unfair." She also accused her former manager of taking over her credit card and appropriating $10,000 in funds in order to get the guardianship put into place. 

Regardless, first a temporary and now a more long-term financial guardian has been appointed by the court, though La’Shawn Thomas noted that she and her client feel there are irregularities behind why the guardianship was put into place. For months, Williams has “strenuously denie[d]” any rumors or allegations that she is mentally incompetent. Now, her lawyer is even claiming the bank may be attempting to “hide something.”   

[I think] there’s something someone has done with [Williams’] money [and the bank is] attempting to hide something.

While this has been going on, Williams had allegedly been dealing with health issues in the midst of taking what was then seen as an extended break from her daytime talk show. Meanwhile, reports about Wendy Williams have conflicted in recent months, with some saying she’d be fine to work and others citing concerns about her health. Obviously, the show is moving on without her, but the rest of what's going on is still very much in flux. 

We'll let you know if there are any more updates, but for now, the bank has not commented when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter. Wells Fargo had previously claimed Williams is an "incapacitated person" while working to get the guardianship in place. 

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