When FBI: Most Wanted Is Bringing Back Another Absent Character After Losing Kellan Lutz's Kenny Crosby

The FBI corner of the Dick Wolf TV universe has only gotten bigger and more exciting in the 2021-2022 season thanks to the addition of FBI: International to join the original series and FBI: Most Wanted, and all three shows launched on one night with a three-part crossover. That said, there was a sad note to start the season for Most Wanted, as original series regular Kellan Lutz departed after Kenny Crosby took a bullet in the FBI Season 4 premiere. Now, fans have some good news to look forward to. When Most Wanted soon returns from its break, another absent character will be back: Hana Gibson.

Hana has had a significantly reduced presence on FBI: Most Wanted since being shot back in Season 2, and has been in Connecticut with her mom in the early episodes of Season 3. Jess revealed back in the second episode that Hana’s sister would be moving to Connecticut to be with their mom and enable their missing teammate to return, and that return is finally happening. Keisha Castle-Hughes will be back as Hana in Most Wanted’s next new episode on Tuesday, November 2 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

The big return for Hana comes in the November 2 episode called “Unhinged,” and while Hana herself won’t be the unhinged one, rejoining the team won’t be just like falling back into old habits. She’ll have to make some new adjustments, not only at work but in her personal life as well. The absence of Kellan Lutz’s Kenny Crosby is presumably one of the changes that she’ll have to adjust to, and Alexa Davalos joining the team as Special Agent Kristin Gaines as well. Photos for the November 9 episode confirm that Hana will be sticking around, so fans don’t need to worry that she’ll have so much trouble adjusting that she’ll leave the team.

Hana isn’t coming back to be eased back into the action with a simple case. The task force will learn that a deadly arcade fire was more than what it initially seemed, and was in fact the first move in an elaborate scheme for revenge. As per usual with FBI: Most Wanted, their investigation will likely take them down some dangerous paths, so it may be a trial by fire in Hana’s first episode back. Still, it’s probably safe to say that the agent didn’t lose her touch just because she had other things she had to take care of for a while.

Keisha Castle-Hughes is still credited as a series regular on FBI: Most Wanted; if she’s going to be back on a weekly basis, she could help bring more of a sense of normalcy to the show in Season 3. Even though Most Wanted has admirably bounced back from very suddenly losing Kenny Crosby, getting another familiar face back should probably be pretty welcome. 

The bad news is that the wait for more FBI: Most Wanted continues. The first FBI spinoff has been airing repeats since the last new episode on October 12, and is still days away from its return on November 2 on CBS. FBI and FBI: International have been on the same break, so November 2 should be a big deal for fans of the FBIs.

Laura Hurley
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