When The Masked Singer Will Return with A New Episode After The Unscheduled Break

The Masked Singer was originally set to deliver a night dedicated to one of Broadway's greats on October 12, but the MLB postseason had other plans. Thanks to a rain delay that postponed the start of Game 2 of the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies game, Fox was ultimately forced to bump the singing competition from its primetime schedule. Luckily, it'll air at a later date, and we now know when to expect "Andrew Lloyd Webber Night" to air.

In the final minutes after the conclusion of the Braves and Phillies game, The Masked Singer's Twitter account revealed what the status was for Wednesday's originally-scheduled episode. According to this tweet, it appears that fans will have to wait until next week to see the new batch of competitors: 

UPDATE: On October 13th, The Masked Singer officially announced "Andrew Lloyd Webber Night" will air on Wednesday, October 19th at 8:00 p.m. ET. The original story before this information can be found below. 

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The downside is that The Masked Singer viewers will need to wait another week to see Andrew Lloyd Webber and a new batch of contestants perform his iconic songs. If the episode had been able to air, this week would have marked a new leg in the competition after Harp defeated iconic singers like Montell Jordan in the previous episode and moved on to the semifinals. 

The upside, for those who prefer a silver lining, is that The Masked Singer Season 8 didn't eliminate any competitors this week! That means that any viewer behind on episodes now has a cushion to catch up by using a Hulu subscription. If that's too daunting, they can also just peek at our Season 8 reveals and see what celebrities have appeared. It's not really a great consolation compared to actually seeing a new episode of the Fox series, but as Season 8's Hedgehog Eric Idle would say, we need to look on the bright side of life. (He definitely is after beating cancer.)  

Unfortunately, there aren't any more details on when and where to expect this new episode of The Masked Singer. It's possible the series just bumped every episode back by a week, but it's also not a guarantee. Another possibility is that Fox is planning to air two episodes of TMS back to back, or may even find another night to air an episode. Whatever the case may be, I'm sure The Masked Singer will keep its fans aware of all changes via social media, and announce a new premiere time when the time comes. 

The situation for The Masked Singer is likely a bit tricky, thanks in part to the format of the series. The show can't just skip this week's and move on, as the episodes need to release sequentially to prevent spoilers as to who won. That definitely will make things more complicated to schedule.

Those living in the United States will need to wait for the result of the Andrew Lloyd Webber episode, but not everyone was shut out of the latest episode. The Masked Singer's Twitter revealed the episode still aired in Canada, so anyone hoping to make it to next week without knowing what happened will need to cut all contact with Canadians out of an abundance of caution. Or, they could just tweak their muted words on social media. Whichever is easiest. 

The Masked Singer will return with a new episode on Fox next week and typically airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Here's hoping the delay will make the return all the sweeter, and maybe the jarring format change of Season 8 a bit easier to manage. 

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