Why The Masked Singer’s Montell Jordan Still Appreciates ‘This Is How We Do It’ Nearly 30 Years Later

The Masked Singer's Season 8 format change has already led to a bunch of big and surprising unmaskings in just the first two episodes, which delivered a heaping dose of nostalgia for viewers and even some celebrities themselves. Such was the case when The Panther removed his mask during Week 2, revealing himself to be singer, producer, and pastor Montell Jordan, who soon after got the crowd swaying with his classic party anthem “This Is How We Do It.” Yes, that song is still a jam nearly 30 years later, and Jordan is still appreciative of the hit's longevity. 

I had a chance to speak with Montell Jordan the day following The Masked Singer’s second episode, in which he was elminated after a sing-off against The Harp. (Check out the full list of eliminations here.) Jordan definitely has a lot more to be proud of than just his '90s hit song, including a virtual church and non-profit, but he remains thankful for the song and the opportunities it has provided for him all these years later. In his words:

I got kids in college man. I gotta keep feeding these mouths, and keep paying these educations. So, that’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s been great for me to be able to go and do Masked Singer because the song affords me access into that world of television and entertainment. But more than the song, I think [it’s] the contribution to hip-hop and R&B culture. I think it was one of the top 100 party songs of the last century. That’s pretty cool, to leave your mark on a place like that, long after I’m gone, people will still be able to smile and dance and feel good.

Even though he’s released more music and enjoyed many other successes since that iconic track was released, Montell Jordan doesn’t have a problem with “This Is How We Do It” still getting a bulk of the attention these days. As mentioned, he’s grateful it can still pay the bills, and of course, can afford him the national spotlight as a contestant on shows like The Masked Singer, where he can remind the world of the other more virtuous endeavors he’s involved in. 

These days, Montell Jordan is an active member at his Victory World Church, and started up a non-profit alongside his wife Kristin, which is called Marriage Masterpeace. These are paths Jordan might not have been able to travel down had it not been for the success of “This Is How We Do It.” Not to mention the attention driven by an internet hoax that claimed he'd died, which was mentioned in Panther’s clue package

As Montell Jordan pointed out in his conversation with CinemaBlend, “This Is How We Do It” is regarded as an all-time party song, and whether an artist has one or a dozen mainstream hits, having a song that can still get played in clubs, in arenas, and on commercials decades after its debut is no small feat. The Masked Singer even had Jordan perform the song following his elimination which, despite Eric Idle getting the same chance to sing a personal song the episode prior, doesn’t happen all that often. 

Montell Jordan’s exit happened on the same night The Masked Singer sent home singer Chris Kirkpatrick, as well as comedian Jeff Dunham and his Pi-Rat puppet ensemble. Meanwhile, The Harp managed to again move through the game without being unmasked, and is really on a tear. She’s definitely a front-runner to win out so far, but with the season still young and more talent on the way beyond fellow elminated performer William Shatner, who knows how much further she’ll go? 

The Masked Singer airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET.  Season 8 is really flying by with the reveals, so be sure to catch up now on the latest episodes before falling behind too much due to the arrival of any of the other new shows on the 2022 TV schedule

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