Why Legacies' Final Episode Will Feel The Same As The Vampire Diaries' Finales, According To The Showrunner

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Legacies is on the verge of airing its series finale, which puts an end to what once seemed like the unstoppable Vampire Diaries universe. While it already looks like the episode will be emotional, showrunner Brett Matthews has revealed that the finale will actually feel a lot like those of TVD.

It only seems right that Legacies will follow in TVD’s lead. While the spinoff of The Originals (itself a Vampire Diaries spinoff) has worked well with its own storylines, the finale will end in typical TVD fashion. Brett Matthews discussed the end of Legacies with TVLine and teased that the finale will align with previous TVD finales:

Many seasons of The Vampire Diaries finished like this. The penultimate episode was what most shows would consider the finale, and then the last episode was a downbeat. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do with Legacies, which is a little more action-y and hijinks-y than the other shows in the franchise, but we never had the chance. This became the perfect opportunity.

While the fourth season finale may not have been fully planned as a series finale, it does look like it will end on a pretty great note no matter what. The penultimate episode definitely pulled out all the stops, but there will still be some surprises in store for the final episode.

It was recently revealed that after being asked “again and again” to return, Joseph Morgan will be coming back in the Legacies finale to once again portray Klaus Mikaelson. While it’s unknown in what capacity he’ll be back, it should be expected that he will reunite with his tribrid daughter Hope. That family reunion will be one to look forward to, especially in light of the fact that Klaus will finally be back on our screens after initially sacrificing himself to save his daughter in the series finale of The Originals.

Season 4 of Legacies has been a roller coaster from the start. After Hope lost Landon, she turned off her humanity, and chaos completely ensued, with Hope hurting those she loves and not listening to reason. Even when it came from family! The season also saw the departure of Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman. It’s not known if she will come back for the series finale, but hopefully we get an update on how she’s doing from Lizzie or Alaric.

When news of Legacies’ cancellation made the rounds online, fans were hit with the realization that the last ongoing show in the TVD franchise was going to conclude and mark the end of an era. Whether or not creator Julie Plec has plans for another series set in the same universe down the line remains to be seen, though she seems to be plenty busy with other projects, some even in the supernatural genre.

Don’t miss one final fight with the Super Friends and their enemies in the series finale of Legacies airing on Thursday, June 16 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to catch to keep you occupied.

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