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Why Spring Baking Championship Is The Most Challenging Show In The Franchise To Work On, According To Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman on Spring Baking Championship
(Image credit: Food Network )

The Baking Championship franchise is one of the best competition shows on Food Network and has a few spinoffs for folks to enjoy. Duff Goldman serves as a judge on a good chunk of them, but which of the series is the most challenging to work on in his opinion? The answer, as we recently learned, is Spring Baking Championship, and for an enlightening reason. 

I spoke to Duff Goldman shortly after his elimination from The Masked Singer (during which he gave a strong performance) aired and asked which of the Baking Championship shows, in his opinion, is the most challenging to work on. Goldman didn’t even hesitate to say that it's Spring Baking Championship, and this is due to the sheer level of talent that appears on the show, among other things:

You know, that’s a really interesting question, and funnily enough, it’s definitely Spring Baking Championship. That’s where we have the best pastry chefs. People are applying all the time to be on those shows, and we tend to get the really professional pastry chefs will do Spring Baking. And, I think the baking on Spring Baking is the most technically impressive, and being the judge for that, it’s a lot of pressure. Because you have a bunch of people that are at the top of their game and I have to understand everything that’s going on. . .I think that one there is the one that I like feel like I’m judging my peers, and I really want to get it right.

For the contestants, that's some serious praise, especially coming from someone like the veteran judge. Duff Goldman, of course, is an acclaimed chef who writes cookbooks, appears on television regularly, and has his own successful business -- Charm City Cakes. I think it goes without question that if Goldman believes those who appear on the show to be among his peers (who appear on other cooking entities), then audiences may want to consider that Spring Baking Championship is the best of the franchise.

The series is currently in its eighth season, which premiered on February 28th on Food Network. Host Molly Yeh, Duff Goldman and the other judges watch on, as twelve bakers from across the country compete for a $25,000 grand prize and a spot in Food Network Magazine. In addition to Goldman, fellow judges Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller all work to ensure the bakers not only provide them with the best-cooked dishes imaginable but also embody the spirit of all things associated with this time of the year. 

Spring Baking Championship airs on Food Network on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those looking to catch up on previously aired episodes can find the returning show on streaming over at Discovery+. The season has already aired a few episodes but is certainly worth catching up on, especially if you love good baking shows.

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