When Supergirl Is Bringing Back Lynda Carter

Supergirl kicked off Season 2 by bringing in one of the most iconic leading ladies of TV history for a guest role. Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter joined the cast of The CW series to play President Olivia Marsdin. Carter has only appeared in one episode so far, and fans have been waiting to hear when she might make her big return to Supergirl. Now, we finally know, and it's all thanks to Supergirl director Kevin Smith's Instagram:

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We already knew that Kevin Smith had signed on to direct a second installment of Supergirl, but details were largely scarce about who and what would be in store for viewers in his next episode. The photo on his Instagram is proof that Lynda Carter will be back as President of the United States in the not-too-distant future. The photo's caption unfortunately doesn't give away anything about the plot of the upcoming episode, so we can only speculate as to whether or not the famed Thanagarian snare beast will appear in the flesh.

Lynda Carter's first episode of Supergirl ended on the crazy reveal that President Olivia Marsdin is actually an alien posing as a human. Marsdin's Alien Amnesty Act is not just a piece of legislation coming from the mind of a sympathetic politician; it's a law that could theoretically allow her to someday live in the U.S. in her own skin rather than in the guise of a human. Of course, that would have to happen after she left office as the President, but anything seems to be possible on Earth-38.

Interestingly, Lynda Carter was almost slated to return to The CW much earlier than in Kevin Smith's upcoming episode. Early plans for the massive "Heroes v. Aliens" crossover featured Olivia Marsdin as the Vice President of the United States who would land the top job after the Dominators assassinated the president. Those plans fell through, and we haven't seen any version of Olivia Marsdin for months now.

All things considered, Kevin Smith's episode is shaping up to be a star-studded hour of television. Teri Hatcher and Kevin Smith will appear as well, and both will play villains who could be among the most dastardly ever to face off against the Girl of Steel. It may well take the combined efforts Supergirl and the President to keep the folks of National City safe. The whole crew will hit the airwaves together in Episode 17 of Supergirl Season 2.

Tune in to The CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET to see new episodes of Supergirl, and take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see when you can catch all the other superhero series on the small screen.

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