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WWE Legend Scott Hall Is Reportedly On Life Support After Suffering Three Heart Attacks

Scott Hall at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
(Image credit: WWE)

WWE Legend and former WCW superstar Scott Hall is reportedly on life support after suffering three heart attacks. Hall was originally in the hospital for surgery, but complications allegedly have the wrestler in serious condition. 

The latest right now is that Scott Hall is at the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. The superstar had three heart attacks on Saturday night, all reportedly stemming from a hip replacement surgery he had last week. PW Torch reports that Hall’s situation deteriorated when a blood clot came loose from the surgical area.

The wrestler needed to undergo surgery in the first place due to breaking his hip on March 2nd. The beloved athlete previously had a hip replacement procedure done in 2013 after Diamond Dallas Page (who's currently on a Netflix show) helped him raise $80,000 to help pay for the surgery and other medical expenses. DDP shared a message for his friend on social media after learning about the recent news:

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Scott Hall’s legacy in the wrestling world is tremendous, as many longtime fans know him as Razor Ramon from the WWF days. Some might remember Ramon’s gold chain or patented toothpick and some of his memorable feuds with some other legendary talent like Bret Hart and Randy Savage. Hall is also a four-time Intercontinental champion within the WWE and amassed impressive stats over the course of his career.

Wrestling devotees love Razor Ramon, but there’s also a good number of them who remember his second run in the WCW when he debuted under his given name and became a big piece of the iconic wrestling faction the “nWo.” Hall and Royal Rumble alum Kevin Nash entered the WCW to turn the wrestling world upside down and, when they were joined by their third partner, Hulk Hogan, they absolutely did just that. 

Since then, Scott Hall has been around the wrestling world via various organizations. He spent years in TNA and even moved around to other indie wrestling organizations like Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2014 as Razor Ramon, and again in 2019 under his formal name when the nWo was inducted. 

Fans all over the internet are sending well wishes to the competitor, with many sharing his Hall of Fame induction speech (which can be viewed in its entirety with a Peacock Premium subscription). Specifically, there are a lot of quotes referencing what the wrestler calls “bad times,” which got a great reaction from the crowd at the time:

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Many other wrestlers popped online to share messages of support, including former President of World Championship Wrestling Eric Bischoff, who signed Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, laying the groundwork for the creation of the nWo. 

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Just like the wrestling world at large, CinemaBlend would like to wish Scott Hall a speedy recovery and wish his friends and family the best as well during this trying time.

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