A Halloween Horror Nights Performer Was Attacked By A Universal Studios Guest, And There's Video

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Halloween is over, but the repercussions from this season at the theme parks are apparently still being felt. Sometimes we come across really fun stuff from Halloween theme park events after the fact, like a hilarious psychotic clown from Knott's Scary Farm helping a guest tie their shoes, but sometimes what we see is a lot less fun, like a Halloween Horror Nights scareactor being attacked by a guest at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

The video that has gone viral on Instagram only appears to show part of the story, but the part it shows is brutal. One of the performers at Halloween Horror Nights, known as scareactors, was interacting with other guests, when a guest comes out of nowhere and blasts him to the ground. Check out the video below.

There was clearly an earlier altercation that didn’t get covered. Based on the attached post, it appears the scareactor had a previous interaction with them, where the performer had allegedly touched the man’s girlfriend. What the nature of the touching was, or if it was accidental or intentional is unclear. Nonetheless, the boyfriend took exception to it. While the man is difficult to understand in the clip, he does say something about his girlfriend after knocking the scareactor over. 

What happened after this is unclear. It’s being reported that the attacker was banned from the park, and possibly also arrested. It certainly would not be a shock if either of those things happened. Putting a hand on a theme park employee is a pretty universal no-no, so being removed from the park, and possibly not allowed to return would be the minimum you would expect, even if the law wasn’t brought into it.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen violence break out at Halloween Horror Nights. Last year a video came out showing a fight that broke out among guests in a line at Universal Studios Florida

Some of the comments in the post talk about the fact that, unfortunately, these sorts of guest interactions are not as rare as they should be. Scareactors get up close and personal at Halloween Horror Nights the way other Universal Studios team members do not, and the result is frequent physical interactions. Sometimes it’s a simple reflex of somebody being scared and accidentally hitting the performer, other times, it can be much more intentional. 

We hate to see theme park employees treated this way, the people that bring us Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in California and Florida are especially wonderful in the way they go the extra mile to give us a wonderful experience. Hopefully this issue was properly dealt with, and next year, which is already being planned, and will include a Chucky house,  people will be better behaved. 

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