First Trailer For Avatar 2 Finally Drops Online, Is Magnificent And Ocean-Centric (And Looks Even Better In 3D)

In 2009, what was once named “Project 880” became the international blockbuster known as James Cameron’s Avatar. Topping the charts for highest-grossing releases of all time, the first of four sequels has been one of the most anticipated films on any slate of upcoming movies. As the world finally got its first look at Avatar 2 in theaters last week, the first trailer has now dropped online. If you haven't been able to see it yet, it's stunning, but trust me, this magnificent ocean-centric reel looks even better if you see it in 3D.

What's Shown In Avatar 2's Teaser Trailer

After a theatrically exclusive showing with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 20th Century Studios has now released the footage of what we’ve come to know as The Way of Water. It's the first look at Avatar sequel in a line of follow-ups to that mythic hit,  and it's as gorgeous as you might expect. Matching up to the description of what was shown at this year’s CinemaCon, Jake Sully and Neytiri’s return to the big screen is stunning, bringing us back to Pandora and introducing its oceanic moon.

As far as what we’re actually shown from Avatar: The Way of Water, the footage is more about the beauty than the plot--though we do learn a bit about what to expect. Random images of Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana’s central couple are shown throughout, with Saldana’s Neytiri being visibly pregnant in some shots. With the story of the resulting family between Jake Sully and his Na’vi lady love acting as the crux of these supposedly stand-alone Avatar sequels, the saga is about to branch out big time. 

What’s also interesting is that there are some humans actually working with the Na’vi in this Avatar sequel, which begs the questions: Who stayed behind? How many humans are still in the mix? A feral looking human is seen fighting alongside Jake and his adopted people, which deepens the mystery.

Avatar 2’s trailer is dependent on its visuals, as well as the score inspired by the late James Horner’s musical contribution to that first film. Only one piece of dialogue is included, as Jake Sully closes out The Way of Water’s big unveiling with these words: 

I know one thing. Wherever we go, this family is our fortress.

So far, Avatar: The Way of Water's first look is the perfect way to uphold the legacy of James Cameron’s would-be franchise. It’s also the big reason why you need to see this first look in its full 3D regalia. 

Why The Avatar 2 Trailer Looks Even Better In 3D

It felt like a full circle moment to see Avatar: The Way of Water’s first teaser trailer in 3D; seeing as the first film was so revolutionary for 3D moviegoing. As the advanced word from both CinemaCon and early press screenings of Doctor Strange 2 had signaled, the visuals are absolutely breathtaking. Even for a short glimpse at Pandora’s next chapter of history, all of the boxes were ticked. 

Everything was presented bright as day with great clarity, and except for some small moments of wonk during action packed chase sequences, it was pretty peerless. In fact, it pretty much matches the premium experience presented in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, (which you can read more about in my official 3D review). If you were holding off on attending a 3D showing of this movie, worried that the quality between the trailer and the film would be a huge drop off, you can attend in confidence.

We’ve been waiting a long time when it comes to Avatar 2. Thanks to that historic string of delays that have pushed the film's release by over a decade, fans of James Cameron’s colorfully lush epic have been waiting for this footage for some time. You’re probably asking, “Was it worth the wait?” Well, that answer would depend on who you are; but from where I’m sitting, this trailer is an absolutely promising start when you watch it the right way. 

Again, I highly recommend checking out the teaser trailer to Avatar: The Way of Water in 3D, as it's currently attached to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.  It's great hype material for the film to come, which will be showing in 3D and pretty much any format imaginable in its wake, on December 16th.

In the meantime, the original Avatar will be remastered and re-released into theaters, at some point this September. While that's also something else to look forward to in the months to come, you might not want to wait that long to revisit James Cameron's first entry in this series. In that case, Disney+ subscribers can currently enjoy that very throwback, as it is currently streaming on that platform.

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