Jamie Dornan Is Fifty Shades Of Stressed Out In First Trailer For HBO Max Thriller The Tourist

Just when you thought it was safe to get into a car crash and then wake up in the middle of an unfamiliar location without any memory of your previous life, Jamie Dornan is here to demonstrate why that particular life change would suck all kinds of shit. HBO Max is now set to deliver The Tourist, Dornan’s next high-profile project since his acclaimed turn in Belfast, and his big return to longer-form episode TV after years of playing a creepy stalker opposite Gillian Anderson in The Fall. Check out the trailer above!

As it’s made clear in the trailer, Jamie Dornan’s character — who just goes by the moniker The Man in pre-release info — seems like a regular dude, but almost definitely isn’t, considering how deep and deadly his game of cat and mouse becomes. For reasons currently unknown to audiences, and to the amnesia-stricken character himself, he’s being targeted by dangerous people from his past, including a burly bearded brute played by NOS4A2 and The Missing vet Ólafur Darri Ólafsson. And Justified vet Damon Herriman is also in the mix as a Detective Inspector.

Clearly The Man’s past wasn’t a completely lethargic one, since he presumably remains alive long enough to last through most or all of the six-episode season. Which is saying something, given we see him basically buried alive in the trailer. Hard to top that as far as terrifying and stressful situations go. Having to climb out of a well-shaped structure is probably also on that list. 

But it should be interesting to see what twists and turns are taken throughout The Tourist, since all turns can lead to death in extremely remote areas when the Australian Outback is the central location. As if the vast wildlife wasn’t threatening enough, humans with guns who have the ability to drown someone is just another thing for The Man to worry about. This certainly isn’t the kind of situation that Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey would have found himself in, although I’m sure there’s a fandom ready for that kind of genre mash-up, even if the actor is done with the role.

The Tourist has more solid talents both in front of and behind the camera, too. The project was created by brothers Harry and Jack Williams, who also crafted acclaimed series such as the aforementioned The Missing and Liar, while also teaming as executive producers on Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag. The series also co-stars Unbelievable and Bird Box’s Danielle Macdonald, Line of Duty and Cursed’s Shalom Brune-Franklin, Amazing Grace’s Alex Dimitriades, and more.

Be sure to set aside at least six hours of time for The Tourist when it debuts on HBO Max (for those with a subscription) on Thursday, March 3, or else you might wake up in a hospital bed of your own, with no recollection of how you got there. Just kidding! But wouldn’t it be wild if I was the show’s true villain. What a twist, yeah? 

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Nick Venable
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