New Death On The Nile Trailer Has More Murder And Intrigue, But Less Armie Hammer

As we move towards the beginning of 2022, we’re starting to see more films delayed from the pandemic re-schedulings of 2020 finally show up in theaters. Director/star Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile is one of those that have been shuttled around the calendar several times, but finally next February will be Hercule Poirot’s time to shine once more. Celebration is in order thanks to a new trailer, which shows us more murder and intrigue, but also much less of star Armie Hammer. 

20th Century Studios delivered this beautiful holiday present to the internet’s doorstep, as the oft-delayed Death on the Nile will see Poirot returning early in the new year. Another all-star cast, including the likes of Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, Russell Brand, and Annette Bening, among others, is on hand for murder most foul. The heat is on, the bodies are adding up, and Poirot's wit is as sharp as his trademark mustache.

While one could presume that the avoidance of lingering glimpses at Armie Hammer might be due to recent events in his personal life, such a huge ensemble as the one in Death on the Nile could make it feel like any singular member is being given a little less time. With Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot having to make his way through a literal boatload of suspects in the name of the truth, it’s not like he can casually chat with everyone on board. Even with that in mind, the edits feel just a little sharper around those moments where we do see Armie Hammer’s Simon Doyle; and while it’s noticeable, it doesn't sink the atmosphere the trailer is selling its audience. 

Originally slated to set sail last October, the follow-up to the surprise smash Murder on the Orient Express steamed into various slots, before landing on its final destination. While we may not have gotten as many trailers for this film as we did for other delayed 20th Century Studios projects, like Free Guy and The King’s Man, the peeks behind the curtain have been continually enticing. This latest trailer for Death on the Nile strikes a perfect balance of showing us what we’ve seen before, but with just enough new details to keep us guessing. It’s honestly what Agatha Christie would have wanted. 

Should this latest Poirot adventure score a win for Kenneth Branagh and his studio partners, the Christie Cinematic Universe could find itself expanding even more. All that’s left to ponder is what the forces behind Death on the Nile have chosen the next adventure to name drop in the finale, which is exactly what sent book sales skyrocketing the last time the Belgian detective set foot in a movie theater. This may be a murder mystery, but that subject we’ve just mentioned may be the greater unknown for those looking forward to this next case.

Death on the Nile finally sets sail into theaters on February 11, 2022; just in time for Valentine’s Day. Murder and intrigue aren't always tastes shared by couples going to the movies, which is why you should probably check the 2022 release schedule carefully before making plans. Don't worry, the alternate options definitely sound more traditional, and one of them is even a J-Lo rom-com!

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