New Uncharted Trailer Shows Tom Holland's Various Near-Death Experiences (And A Flying Pirate Ship)

Tom Holland has been through quite a bit on the big screen, as Spider-Man: No Way Home puts his Peter Parker in perilous predicaments. Those may seem like a pleasure cruise when it comes to his role in director Ruben Fleischer’s adaptation of the Playstation hit gaming franchise Uncharted. Not only is his Nathan Drake put through various near-death experiences, he’s also made to fight on one of several flying pirate ships. There’s certainly an explanation in there somewhere. 

Another new trailer for the upcoming action/adventure flick landed on the internet, thanks to the generous nature of Sony Pictures. While it might feel a bit soon, as we’d only gotten our first look at the film a couple months ago, the impending February 2022 release date requires at least one more huge look into Nathan’s youthful origin story. Also, are you going to complain about flying pirate ships being visually gifted to you during the holiday season? I didn’t think so. 

Plot wise, Uncharted seems to be giving us what you would expect from any Nathan Drake adventure. A secret treasure is waiting to be discovered, with adversaries like the charming but ruthless Moncada (Antonio Banderas) hoping to make the find of a lifetime before anyone else. With Nathan and Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) playing the role of “anyone else,” desperate times and measures are required. Cue Nathan doing some Spidey style wall-running, but without the superpowers to stick a proper landing. 

Uncharted’s charm comes from that rough and tumble nature, so seeing Tom Holland playing a slightly bumbling explorer is a great contrast from his Peter Parker days. Judging from his experiences in actually getting beaten up by this project's stunt work, it sounds like Mr. Holland went absolutely method in the process. Over time, he’ll be allowed to get better at taking a punch, or getting hit by a convertible out of an airplane; but for now it’s supposed to be rough goings. Speaking of the future, there’s one scene included in this latest trailer that definitely feels like a tease for things to come. 

At the end of this exciting montage of adventure, which is admittedly set to some pirate flavored musical cues, Mark Wahlberg appears rocking the Sully 'stache. Just as Holland’s Nathan is starting out a bit younger in this prequel to the events in the video game series, Wahlberg has appeared without his character’s trademark facial furniture. This apparently would not stand for this new promo reel though, as Columbia and Playstation Productions wanted to give the fans a little taste of the future. Behold, a mustachioed Mark Wahlberg:

Mark Wahlberg aiming a gun, and sporting the Sully Stache, in Uncharted.

(Image credit: Columbia Pictures/Playstation Productions)

It almost feels like this last moment is begging to be the ending to Uncharted’s story proper, or a mid-credits tease. We don’t know for sure, as we’ll have to wait for the movie to set sail for cinematic waters on February 18, 2022; but it feels like a safe bet among friends. Of course, you don’t have to wait that long for more Tom Holland stunt action. Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently in theaters, and you might even see the first trailer for Uncharted attached to your potential showing. Then again, without Mark Wahlberg’s new whiskers, would you ever want to go back to that trailer again? 

Mike Reyes
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