Outlander Season 6 Trailer Reveals Revolution Coming For Claire And Jamie, But Still Time For Romance

Outlander fans have been waiting for well over a year now to find out what happens after the heartbreaking Season 5 finale cliffhanger, and the end of the latest Droughtlander is finally in sight. The first teaser trailer for Season 6 has released, and reveals that some more trying times are on the way for Claire, Jamie, and the whole extended Fraser family. Revolution is coming to the Frasers as the upcoming war approaches, and that’s not going to make their lives at the Ridge any easier. Check out the trailer above!

Ever since the Frasers relocated to North Carolina after being swept off course in the mid-18th century, it has been inevitable that the coming American Revolution was going to impact them in some way. Fortunately, Jamie fulfilled his obligation to the redcoats in Season 5, so he hopefully won’t be called upon by the Brits to help put down any rebellions as the revolution approaches. 

Then again, the land of Fraser’s Ridge was granted to Jamie by the Crown, and there are redcoats approaching the big house in the trailer, and I think it’s safe to say that Jamie is in no rush to wear that uniform again. Claire, Brianna, and Roger at least know that war is coming, but as Claire learned with Culloden, knowing the facts of history doesn’t translate to experiencing it or changing it. 

And as Claire says, it’s starting. The trailer shows somebody nailing a notice headlined with “REFUSE BRITISH GOODS,” although the goal at that point at least was to pursue “peaceable measures” of not consuming or importing British goals. It’s not 100% clear at what point in the timeline Outlander will be for the sixth season, but if the American colonists are still at the “peaceable measures” point of rebellion, then it may be well prior to the Boston Tea Party in 1773. 

The sixth book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novel saga is set in 1772, so it’s probably safe to say that Season 6 is around the same place. Based on the baby between Fergus and Marsali in the trailer, Season 6 will pick up pretty quickly after the end of Season 5. And with the revolution brewing, Claire and Jamie both look pretty somber at points in the trailer. 

But not entirely somber! They appear as cozy and loving as ever as Jamie drives them on a cart in the opening moments of the trailer, and it sure looks like fans are in for a classic Outlander love scene between Jamie and Claire despite what must have been the challenges of production for Season 6. And they’re not the only ones. 

Even though some troubles are on the way for Fergus and Marsali, they have a sweet moment with their newborn, and Bree and Roger look quite content, which is more than can be said for them through much of the earlier seasons. Even Young Ian seems to be getting some attention from Malva Christie, a new character from the books for Season 6.  

Still, throw in the guns and the tension and the drama that’s clearly on the way (plus what looks an awful lot like a lifeless body being carried into the house), and there’s more to worry about than just when Fraser’s Ridge is going to burn, in the event that Bree wasn’t able to change history. 

The Outlander trailer didn’t give away the premiere date for Season 6 beyond “early 2022,” but at least that means it hasn’t been delayed. And now fans have something more to go on to pass the remaining time until Season 6 on Starz (opens in new tab). Plus, the next book in Diana Gabaldon’s saga is due to release in November, so readers have that to look forward to as well. 

Laura Hurley
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