Prey Trailer Takes Predator Back In Time And Introduces The Spiritual Predecessor To Arnold Schwarzenegger

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It was revealed a few weeks back that Dan Trachtenberg’s upcoming Prey was actually a back-door Predator movie, set in the distant past and featuring an adversary we’d never seen before in a Predator film: a young, female Comanche warrior looking to prove her worth to her tribe. The idea of pitting an ill-equipped warrior against something like the Predator sounded amazing on paper, and looks even better in the first full trailer for the movie, which you can now watch, below.

Now, I already hear you. “Keep Arnold’s name out your mouth.” But watch that trailer for Prey and tell me that lead actress Amber Midthunder, who many of you might recognize from Legion, isn’t channeling some serious Alan “Dutch” Schaefer vibes as she prepares to hunt down whatever it is that is threatening her tribe in this story. Her line delivery at the end of the clip of “Whatever it is, I can kill it” drips with Schwarzenegger-level confidence, and when she says it, I believe her!

Also, there’s this fantastic shot of her covering her body in mud to hide from the Predator, and it’s those natural survival instincts present in Amber Midthunder’s character that already make Prey look like a worthy addition to the Predator canon. 


(Image credit: 20th Century / Hulu)

There are sequences in this trailer that I wish were saved for the movie, itself. The entire bear sequence is incredible, and when it ends, it finally tips off the fact that this is a Predator movie, and that Amber’s character Naru is going to face off with a threat that is far more powerful than that terrifying bear that was… bearing down on her. (Sorry, I had to.) We got a chance to speak with 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg as this Prey trailer was preparing to drop, and when we asked him about figuring out how much of the Predator creature to show, he told CinemaBlend:

What I really wanted, that's now a little bit in the trailer -- what I really wanted was for no one to know anything about this movie, and first there'd be a teaser that was just sort of the first part of the story. And then come out with a teaser that was the bear sequence that is in the trailer. And for that, to be the reveal of what this movie is. So I'm happy to see now that we have a trailer that does have that sequence. It does sort of present the story in that way. I'm excited or people to see how our Predator is a little bit more 'creature like,' a little bit more animalistic, and returns to the physicality that the first one had, and the way it interacts with its environment. And they're getting the first sense that our design is a little bit different, as well.

We are sure to see even more of the updated – or, stripped down – version of this Predator once Prey makes its way to Hulu on August 5. Prepare for the movie's release by brushing up on the Newbie's Guide to Predator that we put together for newcomers. Also, make sure that you have your Hulu subscription up to date so that you can enjoy this film and the other best Hulu movies available to stream at the moment.

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