Prime Video's Wheel Of Time Trailer Reveals Amazon's Long Awaited Robert Jordan Series, So Let The Game Of Thrones Comparisons Begin

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Everyone wants the next Game of Thrones style hit, with rich, beloved novel series to adapt until the White Walkers come home. We’ve seen it in theaters with the recent release of Dune, and of course through the several major networks that have tried to take a crack at sparking a fantasy/sci-fi inspired hit. With Prime Video’s Wheel of Time series, the 15-book epic from late author Robert Jordan is about to kick off its bid for televised glory, and it’s got a great looking start in this new 360-degree enhanced trailer. 

The Wheel of Time sounds like a familiar tale at the outset. A force known as “The Dark One” is set to burn the world in a war to end all wars; and a chosen one will be out greatest protection. But things already start to twist in this trailer, released by Prime Video, as Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike) clues audiences in on the fact that this search isn’t going to be easy, as one of five people she’s gathered has the potential to be “the one.”

We’ve previously seen smaller looks at Prime Video’s epically scaled interpretation of The Wheel of Time, but this new 360-degree trailer adds a very interesting (literal) spin. With the main wall showing the trailer itself for the duration of the video, you can pan your field of view to either side of the screen, which shows the forces of darkness and light enveloping you. As your avatar stands in the middle of the room, in a stone circle, an immersive experience runs throughout; which you can watch for yourself above. 

The saga behind adapting The Wheel of Time has been a rather interesting one to follow over the past 14 years or so. Originally intended to become a film series under Universal, the path of Robert Jordan’s mythic creation found its way to TV some time later.  With a pilot that was so infamous it was burned off in a late night slot over on FXX back in 2015, hearts were broken all across the fandom of The Wheel of Time

Which brings us to the here and now, where Rosamund Pike and her castmates are ready to renew the faith of loyal readers everywhere. After over a decade of movie projects, proposed video games, and that pilot that triggered a lawsuit, The Wheel of Time looks ready to begin spinning its story. Should this work out, Prime Video could have themselves a baked in hit for some time to come, as a 15-book binge isn’t an easy or light load to carry.    

The Wheel of Time starts turning on Prime Video, starting November 19th. In the meantime, you can turn your attention to the 2021 fall premiere schedule, as it holds the key to your TV watching future. Though if you want to prepare for it by listening to the first book in the series, The Eye of the World, there’s a new audiobook coming on November 16th, narrated by Rosamund Pike herself

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