The New Bob's Burgers Movie Trailer Shows Off Freakouts, A Nut Shot, And Bob At His Most Unhinged

Throughout almost 12 full seasons of easily rankable Bob’s Burgers history, the Belcher family has gotten out of some tight jams. All the while, Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, and Gene have had their moments where they’ve lost their minds to a certain extent, with comedy ensuing every time. Even with that par set for the course, the latest trailer for The Bob’s Burgers Movie sees Bob Belcher at quite possibly his most unhinged, and for very good reason.

It takes a little while for 20th Century Studios’ new taste of the fresh grilled madness to really get to those reasons. That’s perfectly ok, especially when you’ve got H. Jon Benjamin indulging in an extended freakout. Winding his way through Bob’s own personal moment of madness, dinner at the Belcher residence isn’t quite what it usually is. 

That’s thanks to The Bob’s Burgers Movie putting the family business in its tightest financial spot yet, with only a week to make a crucial bank payment. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a huge sinkhole opens in front of the shop, just as The Octa-Wharfiversary celebration at Wonder Wharf is about to get underway. Mystery, intrigue, and imaginative hallucinations are all on the menu; as well as a nut shot from Linda (John Roberts) that definitely needs some explaining. 

Then again, that playful act of violence kind of takes a back seat to Bob having a rather odd conversation with a burger he’s crafted. Fans looking forward to The Bob's Burgers Movie shouldn't be fooled by the crisper, theatrical animation style present in this marketing campaign. Things already look like they're going to get weirder than ever before, which is the most exciting part about the first film foray for Fox's french fried family.

Ok, so maybe The Bob’s Burgers Movie isn’t that nutty in comparison to some of the history behind creator Loren Bouchard’s long running TV hit. With the original lore for the series painting the Belchers as cannibals, even the most morbid gags that have ensued on the show seem tame by comparison. Trading human burgers for plotlines of shenanigans, pranks, and inconveniences that make for single night adventures of a lifetime, Bob’s Burgers has a formula that’s easier to scale into a PG-13 laugh fest.

Which leads to a question some fans may have held deep in their hearts as they’ve seen what was once one of 2020’s most anticipated comedies slide into a 2022 release date. Now that The Bob’s Burgers Movie has been confirmed as a PG-13 for “rude/suggestive material and language,” just how weird are things going to get? Could Tina’s erotic friend fiction get just a bit spicier than TV will allow? Or, dare I ask, could Louise or any of the Belchers drop the one F-bomb allowed in a movie of this caliber? 

To be honest, if the F-bomb flies in the sky, my money’s on Louise getting the honors. Although, even if The Bob’s Burgers Movie doesn’t get that salty with its language, there’s undoubtedly going to be some rougher stuff that pushes the boundaries of crossing over into films. The Simpsons Movie certainly took advantage of that potential, and as the Belchers seems to compete with Fox’s other long running animated family, it could have inspired the writers to up the ante. 

At the very least, like that Star Wars F-bomb guessing game from the past, Bob’s Burgers fans can have fun trying to create scenarios for maximum comedy. In the meantime, we can enjoy the burger related butt puns we know and love from the series, thanks to the new poster released to social media

The Belcher family puts on a show on the poster for The Bob's Burgers Movie.

(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

The Bob’s Burgers Movie serves its brand of chaos hot from the grill, only in movie theaters, on May 27th. To check out what other movies are going to provide some heated competition at the box office, our schedule of upcoming movies is there to help light the way. Apologies for our lack of a ukulele playing “In the Hall of the Mountain King” as you read. 

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