The Umbrella Academy’s Apocalyptic Season 3 Trailer Is Filled With Fighting, Dancing, And Surprises (Including A Returning Fan Favorite)

Even though The Umbrella Academy will only be in its third season when it returns to Netflix subscribers this summer, fans are keenly aware of what to expect once it arrives: manic chaos, the threat of the universe’s imminent death, wacky superpowers and only the most skillful dancing. So it’s no surprise at all that the Season 3 trailer seen above is chock-full of the show’s signature madness as it more concretely sets up the third season’s Umbrellas vs. Sparrows vs. Kugelblitz Armageddon mayhem that’s on the way. 

The trailer starts off by resetting the stage for how Season 2 wrapped up, with the core Hargreeves siblings returning from Dallas in 1963 to a modified future where the family’s tyrannical patriarch Reginald Hargreeves snatched up an almost completely different batch of children on that fateful October day in 1989. The only point of similarity is Justin H. Min’s Ben, but this isn’t the same dude that everyone else loved and mourned previously. This version is quick to let his Horror-bound tentacles out to do his bidding, as seen in the trailer, although the protagonists don’t take too kindly to this iteration being such a dickhead. [Looks out for throat punch.]

And that’s not even speaking about the rest of the Sparrow Academy squad, whose powers are put on display throughout the trailer, even though Elliot Page’s Vanya-turned-Viktor doesn’t appear to be too worried by any of them. The new team’s presence is perhaps summed up best in the line below: 

Not to mention we’ve been replaced by a bunch of blobs and cubes and birds and shit!

The big threat in Season 3, naturally, comes from the time paradox that the Umbrella Academy created with everyone’s Dallas shenanigans, and it sounds like they have less than a week to figure the situation out before everything goes kablooey. And you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few Sparrow Academy members’ faces, so fans can expect to see these two factions squaring off, even though it appears as if they may eventually need to combine forces in order to save humanity at large. And if Klaus has anything to say about it, combining forces will also involve getting freaky with his double. Which brings us to our two big surprises. 

Five, Allison and Viktor standing around pool table in The Umbrella Academy

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Ben Apparently Isn't The Only Doubled-Up Character

The trailer seems to confirm that the TV show's Hotel Obsidian is not the same Hotel Oblivion that was set up in the comic book series. And it's seemingly within the establishment that Number Five sets up the logical understanding that if a different version of Ben exists there, then all of the children born on that special day will also exist in this timeline. We've technically already seen Five fighting himself in Season 2, just with vastly different ages. But could there be a moment in the third season that features the core protagonists facing off against other versions of themselves?

Pogo giving someone a tattoo in The Umbrella Academy

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Pogo 2.0 Is Here!

Just in case anyone suspected that Number Five's comments mentioned above were merely for window dressing, The Umbrella Academy's Season 3 trailer reveals that Reginald's second banana (pun) Pogo is still alive in this timeline. And the talking mammal clearly also went through his own changes, since this version is apparently a tattoo artist who belongs to a motorcycle club. (Fingers crossed for a Sons of Anarchy crossover somehow.) Does that mean fans can look forward to seeing new versions of all the characters who died in the prime timeline? Bring on more Hazel and Cha Cha!

On top of all that, fans also got our first look at Euphoria’s Javon Walton within the Umbrella Academy universe, although it’s still not exactly clear who he’ll be playing. In any case, we’ll be watching when the show finally returns to Netflix with a premiere on Wednesday, June 22. 

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