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Netflix's Umbrella Academy: All The New Season 3 Cast Members

The Umbrella Academy Hargreeves siblings stand by a staircase in the Season 2 finale.

When The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix for Season 3, audiences will finally get an extended look at the new Sparrow Academy, first introduced (in live-action) in that time-bending twist that closed out the Season 2 finale. Fans can hardly wait to see what the gobsmacked Hargreeves super-siblings have in store for the newly introduced super-siblings after altering reality while stuck in the 1960s. In the new timeline, Colm Feore's Reginald Hargreeves is still alive, and his new Sparrow squad is headed up by Justin H. Min's also-still-alive Ben, whose Sparrow #2 is completely different than the ghostly one fans came to know in the first two seasons.

The incredibly popular comic book series will still feature its Season 2 regulars, including Elliot Page, Aidan Gallagher, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, David Castañeda, Robert Sheehan, and Ritu Arya, along with the aforementioned Colm Feore. But for The Umbrella Academy's third season, a host of new actors will join the newly turned Justin H. Min as part of The Sparrow Academy, and of course a telekinetic cube named Christopher is involved. So while we wait impatiently to see what Season 3 has to offer, let's take a look the actors who will be joining The Umbrella Academy's already stocked cast when it returns.

Justin Cornwell of Umbrella Academy is shown in the Training Day series.

Justin Cornwell (Marcus)

As the confident and calculated leader of the altered siblings, Marcus will be portrayed by Justin Cornwell, who is arguably best known at this point for the Netflix movie Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. Cornwell also starred opposite Bill Paxton in the CBS drama Training Day, as also starred on NBC's The InBetween. Also boasting guest appearances on Chicago PD and Empire, Cornwell got his start in the theater, and It'll be fun to watch him bring that stage presence to the role of the (reportedly) charming Sparrow #1.

Britne Oldford of The Umbrella Academy shown in Skins

Britne Oldford (Fei)

The smart-but-lonely Fei (Sparrow #3) will be played by Britne Oldford, who is no stranger to sci-fi twists. She was abducted by aliens as Alma Walker on American Horror Story: Asylum,, and was later inducted into not-quite-a-cult on Hulu's The Path. Oldford brought her villainous side to the Arrowverse as Shawna "Peek-a-Boo" Baez on The Flash, and also factored into the main cast of the perplexing Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood and the Syfy series Hunters. More recently, Oldford played MI6 agent Claudia Murphy on NBC's Blindspot.

Jake Epstein of The Umbrella Academy in Designated Survivor

Jake Epstein (Alphonso)

On both the stage or screen, Jake Epstein has gravitated toward characters with internal struggles, and that seems to also be true for his role as Alphonso on The Umbrella Academy. Sparrow #4's battle scars fuel his dark sense of humor, which fits nicely with Epstein's range of work. Epstein started acting as a teenager, notably for the role of Craig Manning on Degrassi: The New Generation, and made his Broadway debut in 2012 with Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Less than a year after leaving that troubled production, Epstein landed Broadway's Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. More recently, Epstein played Brian Altman on Suits and computer whiz Chuck Russink on Designated Survivor.

Genesis Rodriguez of The Umbrella Academy in Hours

Genesis Rodriguez (Sloane)

Genesis Rodriguez, known for voicing Honey Lemon in Marvel and Disney's superhero flick Big Hero 6, will take her superhero talents to live-action as Sloane on The Umbrella Academy in Season 3. Beyond reprising her role on Big Hero 6: The Series, Rodriguez also leant her voice to Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as Perfuma. Getting her start on Telemundo's telenovelas, Rodriguez is at home in the dramatic setting. She starred in the 2020 chiller Centigrade -- see what I did there? -- and starred opposite Paul Walker in 2013's Hours. Sparrow #5 is described as a dreamer with a higher calling, and Rodriguez will likely take her character and viewers to lofty places.

Cazzie David on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Cazzie David (Jayme)

Cazzie David doesn't yet have a host of acting credits to her name, beyond a guest appearance on Miley Cyrus' show Hannah Montana in 2007, which I definitely count in full. Maybe that mystique will mirror her portrayal of Sparrow #6 Jayme on The Umbrella Academy, who is described as a quick-thinking loner (and for good reason). The daughter of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David, Cazzie starred in the mini-series Eighty-Sixed, which she wrote and directed. Her book of essays Nobody Asked For This was published in 2020 and is a New York Times Best Seller. I'm excited to see the ferocity Cazzie David brings to the Sparrow Academy dynamic.

Sparrow #7 rounds out the new group of Season 3 characters. The origin of Christopher, a telekinetic cube, is unknown, so we'll just have to wait until Netflix drops the new season of The Umbrella Academy to learn what that's all about. Maybe we'll get a tease from one of the stars on social media?

In the meantime, you can get caught up on (or rewatch) the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy, which are both streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on what's sure to be a very popular new season, and be sure to check out our 2021 summer TV schedule and find your next binge with our 2021 Netflix schedule.

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