Westworld Season 4 Trailer Reminds Us How Much We Have Forgotten About Season 3

Westworld qualifies as one of those shows where you hear about it and think, “That’s still on?” And that goes for people like myself, who religiously watch it, and even record a YouTube series analyzing each new episode. Granted, it has been since May 3, 2020 when the finale of Westworld Season Three landed on HBO, so you probably have seen a LOT of television between now and then. Plus, the dense science fiction that comes with the Westworld plot requires a ton of retention. That’s why we have the first teaser trailer for Westworld Season Four, which is coming to HBO on June 26. Watch it, and realize exactly how much about the first three seasons you have completely forgotten.

The new Westworld trailer is set to the haunting Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” ironic given the fact that there are precious few of them in Westworld. The concept of the show began as the story of a highly advanced theme park that the wealthiest among us pay to visit. In Westworld, you can pretend to be a cowboy… but it’s one of several existing worlds that guests can attend. By the time we reached season three, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) had escaped the park and taken up residence in Los Angeles circa 2053; Maeve (Thandie Newton) tried her luck in World War II world; and William (Ed Harris) – well, we’re never quite sure what he is up to, but it’s never good.

The theme of the next season appears to be flies. Lots and lots of flies. They crawl on ceilings. They crawl into people’s eyes. They emerge from the mouth of this android. This is a horrifying image.


(Image credit: HBO)

But in general, this montage of crisp and beautiful imagery could be coming from a brand news show. There are so many questions we had after season three. I don’t remember what happened to Ed Harris in the last season. I don’t recall where Dolores or Maeve left off. Aaron Paul looks different. I thought the Hemsworth kid died. (Does anyone ever really die on Westworld?) What is the end game of this series? How much more do they want to accomplish? And will they ever, you know, go back to Westworld? That was one of the 10 issues we found with season three.

There’s at least one image of Ed Harris as the Man in Black, implying that he will be resuming his reign of terror in the Old West universe. But the new trailer for the fourth season signifies that there’s plenty of details on Westworld I need to study up on before diving back into the weekly sci-fi headscratcher. 

It’d be cool if we knew in advance that Westworld was building to a close. There’s no confirmation about a fifth season, so we’ll hold out for details about how much story there remains to tell as season four rolls out. Make sure that you are able to stay up to date on Westworld by subscribing to HBO Max. The streaming service has a slew of movies and television shows that make it worth your time and attention.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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