Westworld Season 3: 8 Huge Questions We Still Need Answered After Season 2

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Westworld Season 3 will be on HBO in March, which is great news for any subscribers eager for another big-budget show to binge. Though viewers have had a year and a half to digest Season 2 and all the crazy things that happened, it wouldn't be surprising to hear few have managed to make sense of it. Honestly, some people may even have trouble remembering some of the bonkers stuff that went down in the game-changer of a season.

It's completely fine to feel that way, as Westworld Season 2 did leave plenty of plot lines and character's fates ambiguous in the season finale, likely to build anticipation for Season 3. Ahead of the season's premiere, here are some of the questions from Westworld Season 2 we hope get answered in the future.

Dolores Westworld HBO

Who Are The "Hosts" Dolores Took From The Park?

In Westworld Season 2, Dolores escaped Delos in a copy of Charlotte's body with a bag that contained 5 mind modules. The assumption is that these individual modules will help Dolores in her ultimate goal of wiping out mankind, though they could be taken for personal reasons as well. It appears at least one of the pearls was Bernard, but provided that's true, who are the others she pulled from the park?

Westworld Season 3 will presumably have some answers to this, and if I were a betting man, I'd say at least a couple are characters we've seen before. The original Peter Abernathy feels like a good possibility, although he didn't seem to be a particularly resourceful Host. For all her cruelty Dolores has a soft spot for the Hosts she shared an artificial relationship with. Plus, Dolores showed in Season 2 that she's largely capable of executing plans on her own, so what backup could she need?

The Valley Beyond Westworld

Are The Hosts In The Valley Beyond Gone Forever?

There were some human casualties in Westworld Season 2, but Delos lost a good number of Hosts to the Valley Beyond. This virtual space allowed for the consciousness of a Host to be uploaded to a space where they could live without the use of a body. After many Hosts transferred to The Valley, Dolores transferred it to a remote unidentified satellite and deleted the space from the Forge. The hope, presumably is that these freed Hosts will live in a paradise free from humans for eternity.

That was the assumption anyway, though Westworld Season 3 could reveal Dolores has other plans for those Hosts. The sequence where Teddy arrived in The Valley was interesting, as it appeared he was the only person living in a Valley that was densely populated when the great escape was made. Did those Hosts really go off to their freedom, or did they all unwittingly dive into a trap? If it's the latter, then how could these contained consciousness come into play in Westworld Season 3?

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When Was The Man In Black A Host, And When Was He Human?

Westworld Season 2 threw a massive curve ball in the William story line, when the character began to question whether or not he, himself, was a Host. The answer looked to be no, right up until William was seen in the final scene undergoing the stress test used to calculate the progress of hosts and how they function. This time, he was a host, though The Man In Black looks to be from a time deep within the Earth's future.

The twist at the end of Westworld Season 2 potentially changed the context of past scenes, as it can now seems evident there's a Man in Black who is William, and another who is a Host. Which moments took place for who, and how long have these two been working on Robert Ford's game? It feels like some of this show's largest mystery will be uncovered through William and his Host, and whatever is ultimately uncovered in Robert's game.

Teddy Westworld HBO

Did Teddy Get Sent To A Different Valley?

Poor Teddy Flood. Just when it seemed Westworld Season 2 was ready to make Teddy something more than a punching bag, he got overwhelmed by the actions of Dolores. He decided to remove himself from the equation, but Dolores was not content to let the man that she loved live in nothingness forever. She made sure to send Teddy to the Valley, but when he arrived, the space was empty.

Hopefully Westworld Season 3 checks in on Teddy, who either missed everyone's great migration elsewhere or is in a Valley entirely on his own. If it's the latter, Teddy may have been condemned to a fate worse than death in having complete consciousness but zero interaction with anyone else in the meantime. It's also possible something happened to the people who first arrived in the Valley, which would definitely be yet another mystery in a show packed with many to begin with.

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Will There Be Any Fallout Following The Delos Incident?

The amount of destruction and death following Robert Ford's murder was, in a word, catastrophic. Cool park where dreams come true or not, that feels like the kind of incident a place can't come back from, and yet, it looks like Delos is operational in Westworld Season 3. Apparently, people value places where their wildest fantasies can come true more than their own safety?

It's also possible that, as has been the case throughout a bulk of Westworld, everything is not as it seems. Perhaps the actual loss of human life was not that dramatic, or enough people were paid off enough to keep quiet about the whole thing. Hey, maybe Dolores is just killing it posing as Charlotte and used her exceptional Host attributes to spin the whole event into a positive? I don't personally see how Westworld Season 3 could pull that off, but this show has blown my mind before!

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What Exactly Is Robert Ford's Plan?

Westworld Season 3 will mark two season's since Robert Ford's death, It's still not entirely clear why he had to die, what his game was, and whether or not the Hosts are actually working under their own free will or his programming. Dolores and Bernard escaping the park in Season 2 makes it feel like Ford succeeded, but is that only the beginning?

Westworld Season 3 shows Dolores still has a plan, and Bernard is still determined to stop it. Both were programmed by Ford, and there's still a chance they're all still operating based on his programming. If that's the case, it's hard to tell exactly what his endgame is, though we're talking about a guy who effectively orchestrated his own suicide towards the start of the plan. Perhaps the true reveal will be there was no plan beyond releasing the Hosts, which could be the most terrifying reality. Robert Ford was a brilliant man, but I think we can all agree at this point he's unstable.

Maeve Westworld HBO

What's Next For Maeve?

Westworld Season 2 had a dramatic conclusion for Maeve, who sacrificed her "life" in order to allow the Hosts and her daughter to escape. The moment was especially hard for the Westworld character, who had to allow her daughter Clementine to escape with the substitute mother who replaced her once Maeve's role in Westworld was changed. It was a tragic ending, though Maeve had peace in the sense that she had successfully protected her daughter.

The trailer for Westworld Season 3 confirms that Maeve is still around, though her memories and programming may have been modified. She's in an area that looks similar to Nazi Germany during World War II, which I'm assuming is one of the unseen sections of the park. Has Maeve truly forgotten everything that has happened, or is she just playing possum until she can find an opportunity to escape again? In either case, Maeve is one of the smartest Hosts in the show. She'll figure out she's in the park eventually, and hopefully, find a way out and onto her next step.

Stubbs Westworld HBO

What Humans Are Actually Hosts?

Westworld Season 2 had a lot of crazy moments, so it's understandable if fans may have forgotten one of the more subtle moments with Stubbs. The head of security stopped Charlotte (Dolores in disguise) ahead of her exit, and more or less revealed he was aware she was actually a Host. The moment, while not explicitly confirmed, seemed to indicate that Stubbs himself was a host, and was only allowing a Host's exit due to his loyalty to Robert Ford.

Westworld Season 3 will almost surely feature more reveals on people who are Hosts and Hosts who turn out to be human. Like, imagine if after all this we learn that Robert Ford didn't die that day, and had actually created a Host of himself? That twist may be a bit too wild for even Westworld, but I have a sinking suspicion there are at least a couple more people in this show that aren't entirely who we think they are.

Westworld Season 3 premieres on HBO Sunday, March 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for the latest on the show's return, and for more happening in the world of television and movies.

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