Following Vince McMahon's WWE Retirement, Rumors Point To Various Ways Former CEO Caused Struggles For Creative Team

Vince McMahon in the ring on WWE
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Vince McMahon’s retirement from the WWE, which followed internal investigations about hush money payments, is still the talk of the wrestling world. Now, with Triple H having stepped in as head of creative, more rumors are circulating regarding how the organization’s creative team struggled under the former CEO’s leadership. The latest reports are alleging various problems that assistants, writers, commentators, and even wrestlers had under McMahon’s tenure in recent years, which might explain some of the more confusing decisions that have been made during that span.

A new report from Fightful Select focuses on complaints about Vince McMahon’s alleged behavior that went on for “quite some time,” indicating the WWE potentially suffered more on a longterm scale under his leadership at times. As wrestling superstars like Chris Jericho agree McMahon stepping aside is best for the bazillionaire, these new rumors imply it might also be good for the WWE as well. 

Assistants Reportedly Filtered Vince McMahon's Notes For Offensive Content

Vince McMahon’s assistants apparently knew exactly when to filter him while note-taking during meetings, which resulted in “heavily edited” minutes. Things that were left unwritten included language that might be deemed culturally insensitive and/or offensive, but also things like referring to wrestlers by the wrong names. It’s also mentioned that he was known to make mistakes regarding kayfabe, which is one of the most fundamental rules not to break in professional wrestling. Seeing as how McMahon likely would have ripped others for similar behavior, it makes the big boss man's conduct all the more confusing. (Not THAT Big Boss Man, of course.)

Commentary Suffered His Wrath For “Ridiculous Reasons”

Monday Night Raw and SmackDown’s commentary teams also reportedly suffered the wrath of Vince McMahon, though not always in situations that were justified. It’s alleged that McMahon would go ballistic on commentaters for what he viewed as ruining angles that had already run their course. Fightful's report did indicate there were plenty of times that McMahon was in a good mood during tapes, and when speaking to the production crew, but it's always the truly negative situations that stick out in our minds, especially if and when further issues are created. 

Vince McMahon Often Repeated Storylines Because He’d Forgotten Them

Perhaps the most damning allegation lodged in the latest rumors came from an unidentified source who believes Triple H stepping in as head of creative will assuredly prevent the WWE from frequently repeating the same things over and over again. In this case, Vince McMahon was accused of retrying angles and storylines that he’d forgotten had already been tried before, despite others trying to remind him of it. 

That side of the rumor mill hits a bit harder as Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are set to square off again for the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view (which a toy might’ve already spoiled the result of). It’s interesting (and undoubtedly intentional) that so many of these rumors are only going more public now that McMahon has officially retired from the WWE. One can only wonder what other rumors and reveals might be surfacing the more time passes.

WWE’s SummerSlam will stream live for Peacock premium subscribers on Saturday, July 30th. With Vince McMahon gone and more WWE events to come in 2022, it’ll be interesting to see what changes, if any, are made to events the longer he’s removed from the product. 

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