WWE's Board Is Allegedly Investigating A $3M Payment Vince McMahon Made To A Former Employee

Vince McMahon welcoming fans back on Smackdown.
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WWE CEO Vince McMahon is in the hot seat with news of an investigation from the organization's board. Reports claim that the investigation involves what's reported as a hush money settlement of $3 million to a woman he allegedly had an affair with. Details are still coming out about this shocking situation centering on the WWE's eccentric top brass.  

Reports from The Wall Street Journal state that the $3 million settlement was allegedly paid in January and intended to keep the unnamed woman, a former paralegal for the company, from making any disparaging remarks about Vince McMahon or from sharing any details about their relationship. A spokesman from the WWE confirmed that the organization is cooperating with the board's investigation and that McMahon's affair with the unnamed woman was consensual. 

The report alleges that the WWE's board first learned of the settlement after it received anonymous emails from someone who claimed to be a friend of the former employee in question. The emails claimed that Vince McMahon hired the paralegal at a $100,000 salary, which was boosted to $200,000 when she entered a sexual relationship with him. 

The email further alleged that the paralegal became scared and quit when Vince McMahon and his lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, "paid her millions" to keep quiet about it all. McDevitt responded to The Wall Street Journal and noted that the woman never leveled any allegations of harassment against McMahon, and added the woman didn't receive any lump sum payment from the WWE when she left.  

The report further states that the WWE board began its investigation in April and uncovered nondisclosure pacts with other women who once worked in the WWE. Vince McMahon is reported to be involved in those, as is WWE talent executive John Laurinaitis, who was recently involved in the much-publicized walkout of SmackDown women's champions Sasha Banks and Naomi. One of the previously mentioned emails links Laurinaitis to the former employee as well and alleges that McMahon “gave her like a toy” to the executive.

The news is the latest development for the WWE, following Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie stepping down from her duties as Chief Brand Officer, and current undisputed champion Roman Reigns' absence from programming including ones he was slated to be at. Neither of those incidents is implied to be linked to what's happening now, but there's apparently a lot going on in the WWE behind the scenes at the moment. 

The major question surrounding this situation is how this impacts Vince McMahon's future within the WWE. It's unknown whether or not the chairman might step down from his duties, which would mark the end of an era at the wrestling organization. There's no indication at this point as to whether or not that's something that could happen, but it will be worth watching. 

It's unclear at this time what this situation could mean for any upcoming shows or pay-per-views for Peacock Premium subscribers. Hopefully, more will come on the situation in the coming weeks and shed further light on what sounds like a very concerning situation. 

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