Looks Like Logan Paul Could Return To The WWE Sooner Than Expected After Latest Injury Update

Logan Paul in the WWE
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Logan Paul has really impressed wrestling fans with how he’s jumped headfirst into the world of WWE and put on some stellar matches. Paul chased his show-stopping WrestleMania performance with an even better main event against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, but emerged from the incident worse for wear. Fortunately, it appears Paul isn’t quite as injured as he originally thought, and could potentially return sooner than expected, should all things go in the right direction. 

Jake Paul, who briefly came to his brother’s aid during the Crown Jewel title match, revealed in an interview with DAZN Boxing that the aforementioned injuries aren’t quite as bad as originally stated. It was previously reported that he'd torn his MCL, his meniscus, and maybe even his ACL. The boxer gave an update on his WWE sibling's injuries, and it sounds like at least one of them has been ruled out: 

They thought it was supposed to be ACL, but it just turned out to be MCL and meniscus, which is better. He's rehabbing it in [Los Angeles] and hoping for the best, man.

Logan Paul was reportedly cleared of an ACL tear, which could knock down the recovery timeline from his injuries substantially. A typical window of recovery for an ACL tear ranges between 6-9 months, but a torn MCL is closer to six weeks, and the same is true of a meniscus tear (via Cleveland Clinic). 

Provided the situation doesn’t change, this is a good sign for the possibility of Logan Paul returning to the WWE sooner rather than later. In the original outlook, Logan Paul might not have been healed from his injuries until closer to SummerSlam 2023. With the current projections, where he'd take roughly two months to recover, it’s possible we’d see him return even before the 2023 Royal Rumble. Even if he needs more time, he could make an appearance at another upcoming WWE event in early 2023 like Elimination Chamber or WrestleMania. 

If Logan Paul is ready to return to the ring in a couple of months, it’s hard to imagine a reality where the WWE doesn’t use him immediately. Thanks to his high-profile boxing match with Floyd Mayweather and other controversial incidents, Paul is one of the most prominent internet crossover celebrities out there. That alone would be enough for the WWE to book him for a match, but the fact he actually appears to be a natural talent for professional wrestling has led to serious conversations about his future in the company. 

With all of that being said, I’m not sure Logan Paul’s status with the WWE will change if he isn’t able to return before WrestleMania. It may definitely improve his standing in the company if he manages to get another key win, and maybe even put him in contention for title match he can win if he’s willing to put in the time. Even if he isn’t, the WWE is no stranger to champions who only appear on television occasionally, like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar. Could Logan Paul be one of those part-time champions in the future? It definitely seems possible if he can have a couple more solid matches in the upcoming year. 

Paul is sidelined from the WWE due to injury at the moment, but anyone needing a reminder of why he’s worth having around should check out his matches with a Peacock Premium subscription. Here’s hoping the latest news is as positive as it sounds, and we’ll see him on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown in the coming months.

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