Why Sasha Banks Reportedly Hasn't Returned To The WWE Yet And May Wrestle Elsewhere

Wrestling fans have been thrilled with the number of wrestlers that have returned to the WWE as of late. However, there are still significant superstars that they’re waiting to see again. Unfortunately, it’s looking like Sasha Banks may not be jumping back into to the fold anytime soon. This notion is seemingly become legitimate, especially since it was  reported that Banks will appear at the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom in Japan. Now, another report has dropped alleged details about why Banks' homecoming hasn't happened yet -- and why she may be pursuing deals elsewhere. 

The latest on Sasha Banks’ situation comes from Dave Meltzer, who spoke about what he knew about the situation while on Wrestling Observer Radio (via Comicbook.com). According to Meltzer, the WWE has apparently made attempts to get Banks back, but the insider also suggests that neither party can settle on a suitable price point for a contract: 

They had been talking to her [Banks] about a return, and they were very far apart on money. That was the last that I had heard....What she was asking for was a very high number for a WWE woman wrestler, but if you look at the amount of money that WWE takes in, she would still be underpaid. Everyone from Roman Reigns to Brock Lesnar is underpaid...That was the last that I had heard. Now, her contract was set to expire at the end of the year. However, as we've seen with so many people, they could freeze the deal.

Dave Meltzer added that if the WWE wanted to, it could stop The Boss from working in NJPW or AEW by “freezing” the deal. On past occasions, the company has made talent wait additional months beyond the official expiration of their contracts to account for time that they might’ve stepped away from the organization. 

Sasha Banks hasn’t been in with the WWE since she was suspended alongside her tag-team partner, Naomi, back in May. Banks and Naomi turned in their championship belts ahead of an episode of Monday Night Raw, which led to them being “suspended indefinitely” by the organization. 

Dave Meltzer went on to say that, as he understands the matter right now, Sasha Banks is still on track to work with NJPW in the future. Per the report, she won't actually wrestle at Wrestle Kingdom 17 but will appear on the show and has verbally agreed to appear at other events:

She is going to be making appearances for NJPW in 2023. Barring a last-minute change and her backing out on what she has agreed to, she's not going back to WWE, but you cannot always rule that out. ...That's where it kind of all stands....but as of right now, she's done with WWE. Like I said, it could change at any moment.

In short, fans probably shouldn't expect to see the 30-year-old star at upcoming WWE events. But if the report is true, the situation could turn around if the wrestling brand offers her more money. Few would deny that she's a high-profile talent but, with the women’s division perhaps the strongest its been in the company’s history, it may be hard for the WWE to justify a high sum. 

There are currently a ton of women on the roster who are capable of holding the top titles in the WWE, and that’s not even counting Charlotte Flair, who has been out for quite a while. Perhaps it might be best for Sasha Banks to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and save her return -- and alleged high asking price -- for when the WWE is in more in need of her. Of course, I’m sure many fans would sooner see her with the company at any cost, but it’s not sounding like that’s going to happen anytime soon. 

Sasha Banks may not currently be in the WWE, but her best matches are available for Peacock subscription-holders to stream. As the speculation on the superstar continues to swirl, let’s hope that some official clarity on the situation is provided sooner rather than later.

Mick Joest
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