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Is Claire Temple In Netflix’s The Punisher? Here’s What Rosario Dawson Says

Claire Temple has been apart of every Netflix/Marvel series so far. But what about The Punisher spinoff?

How Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Director Came Up With All The New Gadgets

Spider-Man's suit in Homecoming will feature all sorts of fun features, which has been met with both applause and skepticism by hardcore Spider-fans. But director Jon Watts may have found a way to quiet the naysayers.

Which DCEU Character Diane Lane Wants A Scene With

The DCEU has managed to book some great talent for their upcoming films, which makes the idea of potential crossovers almost mouth watering. And Diane Lane (aka Martha Kent) has got a few crossover ideas of her own.

How One Game Of Thrones Easter Egg Could Be Incredibly Important For The Final Seasons

All eyes are on how the battle for Westeros will end, and one of the first images from Season 7 features an excellent easter egg that may hint at the series finale.

Amy Schumer Had To Fight For Goldie Hawn To Be Cast In Snatched

It appears that Amy Schumer hit a few bumps while working on the upcoming comedy Snatched. Namely, that she had to fight for co-star Goldie Hawn's casting.

What Wonder Woman 2 Should Be About, According To Patty Jenkins

An origin story set in WWI, we'll see Diana's superpowers and skills in battle tested against machines as she is introduced to man's world inWonder Woman. But what could a sequel be about?

How John Boyega Really Feels About All The Finn And Poe Fan Fiction

Some fans view Poe and Finn's relationship as something romantic, and the couple name FinnPoe has come to life, especially in fan fiction. But what does John Boyega think about it?

Watch Drax Get Eaten By A Giant Monster In New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Footage

While battling an intergalactic monster might not seem like a cup of tea, Drax can't help but have some fun with it.

Why Grey's Anatomy's Bomb Episode Was So Rough, According To Ellen Pompeo

There was a time when near death experiences were new for Grey's audiences; and it all started with Season 2's bomb episode. Although now it appears that the episode caused a screaming match onset.

The Odd Way Joss Whedon Got Involved With Batgirl

Given his past work, Joss Whedon seems like the perfect director to bring Batgirl into the current superhero movie lexicon. He recently revealed how the project came to be, and it's a surprising story.

Why 13 Reasons Showed Hannah's Suicide, According To One Writer

Hannah's climactic scene in 13 Reason Why is horrifying and brutal. Here's why they made it so hard to watch.

One Big Trait The Actress Playing Batgirl Needs To Have, According To Joss Whedon

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse have applauded Whedon's involvement, although now there's a giant question mark over the developing movie: who the hell is going to play Batgirl?

Another Fan-Favorite Is Returning For Deadpool 2

While the internet exploded when Josh Brolin was cast as time traveling mutant Cable, another casting decision has just come to light that will delight fans of the original film.

The Valuable Lesson Star Wars Learned After Alan Tudyk Suffered Burns On The Rogue One Set

Rogue One was a learning experience in how to craft fascinating Star Wars stories that aren't directly connected to the main franchise. But it also appears that a few other hard lessons were learned, especially when it came to the motion capture work done by Alan Tudyk.

The Skeezy Way Steven Seagal Treated Katherine Heigl On The Set Of Under Siege 2

Katherine Heigl worked with Steven Seagal when she was just 16, and she's just revealed some skeezy conversations they had onset.

Why Ewan McGregor Is Confident The Obi-Wan Movie Won't Happen Soon

While it's been rumored for years, it looks like an Obi-Wan movie isn't happening anytime soon. And Ewan McGregor has a great reason why.

Could American Horror Story Get Jessica Lange Back? Here's What Ryan Murphy Says

Jessica Lange's outstanding four season of AHS ended too soon, but Ryan Murphy may have other plans.

Amy Schumer Signs On For New Comedy After Quitting The Barbie Movie

After dropping out of the Barbie movie due to scheduling conflicts, Amy Schumer just booked her next movie role.

How Marvel Feels About Joss Whedon Making A DC Movie

It was big news when Joss Whedon went to Marvel's competitors for the Batgirl movie. Now we know how the MCU feels about it.

One Embarrassing Moment Mark Hamill Had While Filming Star Wars

Mark Hamill revealed a few moments where things got awkward on the original Star Wars set.

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