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Brie Larson's Favorite Thing About Captain Marvel After Doing Her Research
Brie Larson just revealed the aspect of Captain Marvel she fell in love with during her research for the character.
How Star-Lord's Mixtape Has Affected The Guardians In Guardians 2
One of the ways that Guardians set itself apart from the rest of the MCU was its top notch soundtrack, through the use of Star-Lord's mixtape and walkman. But how did these tuns affect the rest of the team?
How The Hellboy Franchise May Live On
With nostalgia becoming such a popular trend in Hollywood, director Guillermo del Toro recently tried (to no avail) to bring back the franchise. But there is a way that it can continue.
What Percentage Of Lead Movie Roles Actually Go To Women
While this year's Oscar nominees are far more diverse than last year, it seems that there still may be work to do in order to become more inclusive of women.
Why Uma Thurman Turned Down The Lord Of The Rings
Uma Thurman recently revealed that she turned down a major role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy back in the day. Here's why.
Kerry Washington Responds to Deadpool 2 Domino Rumors
The newest Deadpool casting rumor is that Kerry Washington may play Domino in the sequel. Here's what she said about it.
How To Get The New Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon Go
Wondering how to get your Eevee to change into Umbreon and Espeon? We've got your back.
What To Expect From Drax And Groot In Guardians 2, According To Dave Bautista
We saw Groot and Drax get into a bar fight in the first Guardians movie, but will this love/hate relationship continue in the sequel?
A Surprising Game of Thrones Reunion May Be Happening In Season 7
Now it appears that another big reunion is happening on Game of Thrones, reintroducing a figure from back in Season 1.
Why It’s Good To Play A Villain, According To Jason Isaacs
After revealing that he doesn't like to think of his characters as villains while he's acting, the Harry Potter star told us what makes the roles so fulfilling
The Leftovers Season 3 Looks Terrifying In Intense New Footage
While it's a bummer that our time with Kevin, Nora, and company is coming to a close, a new trailer for The Leftovers Season 3 was just released. And if its to be believed, then the final season is going to be pure chaos.
How Interacting With The Infinity Stone Will Affect Star-Lord In Guardians 2
There are plenty of questions in the air revolving around the events of the first film, especially Star-Lord's exposure to an Infinity Stone. And now we know how this will play out in Guardians 2.
What Samuel L. Jackson Thinks Should Happen In Split 2
Split's surprise ending still has people talking, and Samuel L. Jackson has been getting vocal about where he thinks the next film could go.
New Power Rangers Trailer Features Zords, Alpha, And Marvel References
A new Power Rangers trailer has hit the web which shows off a ton of new aspects to the movie that are sure to please diehard fans, as well as some naysayers.
Will Amazing Spider-Man’s Dane DeHaan Do More Comic Book Movies? Here’s What He Told Us
With the constant threat of superhero fatigue, it's interesting to see how various actors feel about the genre, especially if they've already dabbled in superheroics. This includes The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actor Dane DeHaan.
Could The OA Become An Anthology Series? Here’s What Jason Isaacs Said
With such a unique and genre bending series, it seems like just about anything could happen in The OA's second season. And series star Jason Isaacs seems to believe the same.
Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Likely Won’t Be Back For The Predator
One of the questions up in the air is the cast of The Predator, with many purists hoping that Arnold Schwarzenegger will finally return to the franchise that he originated back in 1987.
Which Cure For Wellness Scene Was The Hardest To Film, According To Dane DeHaan
When we got the chance to speak with Dane DeHaan about Gore Verbinski's A Cure For Wellness, we were eager to hear the horror stories behind the horror.
Why Dane DeHaan Loved Wearing A Cast In A Cure For Wellness
Speaking with Dane DeHaan about A Cure For Wellness, we asked him how working with a large cast on his leg was. And his answer was definitely surprising.
Watch John McCain Deliver A Sick Burn To Ashton Kutcher On CSPAN
After Ashton Kutcher testified for members of the Senate, John McCain thanked the star of The Ranch. But he also threw a joke in there that was a hilarious dig at the actor.
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